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17. April 2014 15:31
by Jennifer

Push Away the Screen: Iron Girl Clearwater 5k Recap

17. April 2014 15:31 by Jennifer | 9 Comments

For the 2nd consecutive year, my oldest daughter and I were up way before the sun to #PushAwaytheScreen and participate in the Iron Girl Clearwater 5K & Half Marathon. We did the 5K as a mother/daughter team.

Last year we actually ran most of the race. This year we decided to walk most of the race and just talk. As mom to the #TampaTrio, the opportunity for some 1:1 time is hard to come by, so we made the most of it!

We looked for friends in the 1/2 marathon corral, we took selfies, and we made new friends!

This is a new friend I made because I recognized her CrossFit 14 shirt. I can find CrossFit friends anywhere.

Haley felt it necessary to do a little pre-race stretching. Always good to stretch.


And soon we were off! We remembered the course from last year and knew when we made it to the top of our Florida Mountain that we would be at 1 mile.

We made it to the top of the bridge and there was no 1 mile sign. But there was the Best Damn Cheer Squad.

Haley was confused why there were men with their shirts off screaming and holding signs. She's only 10, so not quite ready to fully appreciate all the Best Damn Cheer Squad has to offer. Tongue Out

We ran down the bridge and I knew that there would be water at the bottom. Thankfully there was because Haley was thirsty!!


We made a quick off-course detour to some port-a-potties that were on the opposite side of the road, and then began our climb back up the Florida Mountain. At the top there was the 2 mile marker! We were so close to being done!

We came down that mountain and knew we had just less than a mile to go!! We continued to hold hands, chat about school, friends, our upcoming summer vacation to Jekyll Island and before we knew it, we were approaching the finish line!

But not before the 1/2 marathon leader came swooping down in front of us with her police escort. It was so cool. She was so fast and Haley and I just looked at each other in shock. And then we saw the finish chute!

We have a rule in our house. No matter how much of the race we walk, we MUST run through the finish chute!


Haley was very happy to find the Aqua Sphere water mister!!

But she was sort of ambivalent about the mascot from the Clearwater Threshers.

We did it! We were Iron Girls!

I tracked our walk with the new Samsung Galaxy S5, and I'm happy to report that the pedometer function was spot on for Iron Girl. This distance includes our walking to the expo, the race, and then walking back to our car!

We didn't stay for the post-race breakfast, or any of the awards. I didn't even stay to find my 1/2 marathon friends. I had a ton of yard chores calling my name, so we needed to head home. Maybe next year we'll be able to do the 1/2 marathon as a mother/daughter team.

Have you even done an Iron Girl Race? Have you been part of a mother/daughter team??

13. April 2014 20:07
by Jennifer

Weekly Workouts April 6-April 12

13. April 2014 20:07 by Jennifer | 3 Comments

I was a busy girl this week. I was also apparently a slacker in my photo taking because I have NO RECORD of what we did Monday or Tuesday at CrossFit. One of those days we did Jumping Annie, but I don't remember which day it was.... THANKFULLY one of my CF Buds saw my plea on Facebook and reminded me what we did! Sunday-REST. Well, as much rest as a mom of 3 and a dog can do. Monday-CrossFit. HERO WOD for the firefighters that lost their life in Boston. We did "Dork." Front Squats, burpees, de... [More]

9. April 2014 11:36
by Jennifer

Busy Being Fabulous

9. April 2014 11:36 by Jennifer | 5 Comments

The past two months of my life have been insanely busy. I had my entire home remodeled, every single room. Yes, you read that correctly. EVERY SINGLE ROOM. I went from a mess like this IN EVERY SINGLE ROOM to this IN EVERY SINGLE ROOM Of course there was a TON of work that went on in between. James and I did a lot of the "pre" work ourselves to save on money. That means I ripped out all of the old flooring. Yes, ME! In every single room of the house. We also repainted the entire interior (the... [More]

9. April 2014 05:31
by Jennifer

Experience my Mexican Lasagna with Daisy Cottage Cheese #DaisyDifference

9. April 2014 05:31 by Jennifer | 7 Comments

This post is sponsored by Fit Fluential, LLC on behalf of Daisy Cottage Cheese.   As a CrossFitter, I need protein. Lots of protein. And sometimes I need it quickly. Why quickly? Because I have the #TampaTrio, my wonderful set of Irish Triplets (nearly 8, 9, and 10) that constantly keep me on the GO GO GO. My breakfast needs to be fast, it needs to be eaten (usually) in the car while I'm driving them to school, and my post-recovery protein also needs to be quick since I'm usually leaving th... [More]