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24. April 2015 08:55
by jennifer

When the "After" Becomes the "Before" and it's okay

24. April 2015 08:55 by jennifer | 5 Comments

In 2008 I started what I thought would be my last attempt at losing weight.

I did it.

I lost over 200 pounds. 

I reached my goal weight in June 2011.

157 pounds.

But I'm not smiling in this photo. I had to go back through the comments I wrote about this photo on Facebook:

"I Still have some tweaking and toning to do."

Why couldn't I have been happy with how far I had come?

I started off here, give or take a few pounds. 

And now I feel like I am back there again. 

Maybe not quite where I was back in the beginning, but certainly no where near where I was in the after. Because this time I'm smiling Cool

I'm OK! I'm happy. I love my job, I love my family, I love my friends. 

Throughout this 6 year journey I have learned so much.

1. I LOVE TO EXERCISE. Throughout this journey I have NEVER stopped working out. Sure, the type of exercise I have done has changed, but exercise That's been ongoing. 

2. I HAVE ISSUES WITH FOOD. Serious issues. I always knew this, but I thought I beat those demons, which is why I stopped going to Weight Watchers. I kept that goal weight of 157 pounds (+-4 pounds) until April 2013. And then I stopped going to meetings, and I started to notice the tick-up on the scale. I didn't think my diet had really changed, so I contributed it to building muscle since I had started CrossFit just a month or so earlier. 

3. I NEED TO WORK OUTSIDE THE HOME. In November 2012 I quit my job as a school librarian to focus on my family. I didn't realize how lonely being home would be without having my kids around. I am an extrovert. I need people. I learned that I need to have a life for myself OUTSIDE the home, and I began my quest in 2014 to find a professional library position. 

But even though I learned these things, the scale kept ticking up. And I realized in early 2014 that I wasn't building muscle, I was adding fat. And I still kept thinking that my diet hadn't changed. 

But it MUST have. 

Could there be any other reason?

I had blood work done by my doctor.

Everything looked ok.

And then I joined Weight Watchers online and I started tracking.

It was my food. I was severely exceeding my daily points.

I kept tracking and I kept exceeding. 

I kept gaining weight.

I keep gaining weight.

And then today in my time hop, this popped up.

5 years ago TODAY, I weighed in and was down 4 pounds.

All those feelings of what it felt like when I stepped on that scale Saturday morning after Saturday morning came flooding back to me.

It was empowering. 

And it was exactly what I needed.

I'm heading back to Weight Watchers meetings tomorrow. Same meeting, same time I started at nearly 6 years ago to the DAY! 

It's sort of surreal.

But I'm going back a changed woman. 

I'm stronger, I'm smarter, I love myself more, and I DO NOT have a goal weight in mind. I just want to feel comfortable again in my own skin.

As this wonderful blog post The "After" Myth pointed out 

There is today. There is now. There is during. There is life.

And I'm smiling Cool


22. April 2015 07:03
by jennifer

#PushAwaytheScreen: A Weekend of Fun at the Downtown Tampa Waterfront

22. April 2015 07:03 by jennifer | 4 Comments

The weekend of May 2nd and May 3rd is going to be a great way for me and the family to get out and #PushAwayTheScreen. Thanks to my association with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, my family and I were invited to head downtown to enjoy the FIRST ever TAMPA DOWNTOWN CARNIVAL and the TAMPA RIVER RUN!! The Tampa Downtown Carnival will be held on both May 2nd and May 3rd at the Cotanchobee Park which is located directly on the Tampa Riverwalk, just next to the Amalie Arena and the Garrison Channel... [More]

3. April 2015 07:37
by jennifer

Push Away the Screen: Color Me Rad Tampa 2015 Plus Giveaway

3. April 2015 07:37 by jennifer | 14 Comments

For the third consecutive year, the kids and I will #PushAwayTheScreen and join in with the Tampa Bay Bloggers on April 18th in Tampa's most colorful running event, COLOR ME RAD!! In 2013, the husband joined us. In 2014, it was just the kids and I.   And in 2015....I'm not exactly sure. Ronin is still healing from his broken leg. And while he's now out of his cast, he's in a big walking boot, and honestly I think that 3 miles might be a little much for him right now. Plus, he has ONE spee... [More]