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17. June 2014 18:27
by jennifer

Using Bloodroot to remove precancerous skin cancer

17. June 2014 18:27 by jennifer | 1 Comments

I am a Florida girl. I spend A LOT of time in the sun. Some people (my husband, my mom, my sister) would probably say TOO much time in the sun, but I can't help it. It recharges me. I feel my best when I've got a nice tan, and enjoy feeling the sun's rays on my skin. In 2000 I had a pretty big skin cancer removed from my upper left thigh. It left a pretty nasty scar. But even that hasn't prevented me from going in the sun. In early May I was putting my nightly moisturizer on my face and was rub... [More]

15. June 2014 05:52
by James

In order to Live Well, you must first learn to Die Well. A special Father's Day Post by James Hodges

15. June 2014 05:52 by James | 2 Comments

There is one aspect about death that sends shivers down my spine, it's that I might wake up somewhere afterwards. When my time comes I really want to just die, just end, be gone for good and ready for Viking nirvana. I don't want to spend eternity talking about the weather, football, politics or fighting in Valhalla. If there was good music in heaven, and a way to create my own, then maybe I would reconsider. Either way I don't believe I have a choice in the matter so I choose not to dwell, unless I am creating a website or post about dying well. [More]

14. June 2014 20:17
by jennifer

Weekly Workouts, ADHD, & Geocaching June 7-14

14. June 2014 20:17 by jennifer | 2 Comments

It was quite a busy week! This was our first full week of summer break and I did my best to keep the #TampaTrio BUSY!! I'm not sure if I shared that James and I had a long long talk a month or so ago and decided that it was time to wean Ella and Ronin off their ADHD medications. We started by tapering down on the weekend, and then by the time school let out for the summer on June 2nd, we were ready to go med free. I'll be honest. I was a little nervous. Scared even. How was I going to handle 3 k... [More]