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13. March 2015 09:30
by jennifer

Potted Potter at the Straz # PottedPotterStraz

13. March 2015 09:30 by jennifer | 1 Comments

Accio, the summoning spell is a very useful spell in the world of Harry Potter. I'd use that in my library to summon all the wonderful books I need to read. 

Also useful for me would be Expecto Patronum. When the world seems to be conspiring against you, just give your Patronus a call. No one will be able to take you out of your happy place when that glowing aura of goodness is hovering above you.

Life has been hard for our family recently. From broken bones, to multiple days of physical therapy, to the flu hitting our house H.A.R.D. I really felt that I needed to give my Patronus a call, and it answered with Potted Potter. 

This show is famous for showcasing all seven Harry Potter books in 70 minutes. As much as I love all things Harry, I was curious to see how a two-man comedy act was going to accomplish this. 

I met up with my fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers as well as a library co-worker (and fellow Harry Potter geek.)The first thing you need to know is that you DON’T need be a wizard to appreciate this show, and it's suitable for muggles of all ages. One character is a Harry Potter expert and the other pretends to be, but...well, he's not. This dynamic is what makes the show so funny. 

I went to the Potted Potter opening performance in Tampa and I was amazed to see the variety of ages of all those who attended. From little ones to adults, everyone seemed to get all the jokes and was laughing out loud. I don’t want to give too much away but trust me when I say Dan and Jeff were able to entertain an entire audience from start to finish. Without a grand set or grand props, both performers hit all major plot points of the book series while wearing ridiculous wigs, singing, and playing a giant game of Quidditch with the audience.

This show is a must-see for those who want a goofy version of Harry Potter, or anyone who just wants to witness a little magic on stage.

I left the theater laughing, feeling upbeat with the stress of my day completely removed. My Patronus worked.

You can catch Potted Potter at the Straz Center in Tampa now through March 15th. Learn more about the show and purchase your tickets HERE. 


Disclaimer: I was provided two tickets to view this show as part of my association with the Tampa Bay Bloggers.

12. March 2015 08:47
by jennifer

Give & Grub and help end hunger in Tampa Bay

12. March 2015 08:47 by jennifer | 2 Comments

Recently, through my association with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was invited to attend an event that promised to not only fill my belly, but the bellies of hungry children throughout Tampa Bay. Food insecurity runs rampant in Tampa, with one in four children going hungry on a daily basis. More than 700,000 individuals go hungry every single day in the Tampa Bay area. Many of those affected are children, but the elderly are also significantly impacted, with some having to choose between buying me... [More]

8. March 2015 11:59
by jennifer

The 5k Color Run Giveaway and Discount #Tampa

8. March 2015 11:59 by jennifer | 5 Comments

The 5k Color Run Giveaway #Tampa It's that time of year again! The time when the weather turns lovely, and the kids and I start hitting the race circuit together!! Our first event together for 2015 will be the 5K Color Run in LUTZ!! We are super excited for this event because it's so close to home! Yippie!! Calling all runners and walkers, and families who just want to get colorful! Have you been to The 5k Color Run before? It is actually a fun run for the whole family! Get some exercise in, g... [More]