Happy 13th Birthday, Haley

by jennifer8. January 2017 09:42
My oldest daughter. My sweet little Pixie. The one who made me a mama. Oh my. You have turned 13. A teenager. I'm still not quite sure how you went from thisTo this. A beautiful, smart, punny, young woman. Yes, punny. YOU LOVE PUNS!!As you turn 13 there a few things you ABSOLUTELY love. The flute. You decided you really wanted to learn to play an instrument and together we decided on the flute. Haley, you are a natural born flute player. I know you work hard, but you are really really good! ... [More]

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Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge Completed

by jennifer4. December 2016 08:45
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Books to read BEFORE they hit the theaters!

by jennifer19. November 2016 14:38
Books to read BEFORE they hit the theaters! Tony and Susan by Austin McGiffert Wright Movie titled: Nocturnal Animals starring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal – release date December 9, 2016. By framing a crime story within a domestic novel, Wright, an English professor and author of three previous novels, dissolves the fragile civility that often conceals violence. He also scrutinizes the institution of marriage, considers the nature of memory, and documents the potential impact of one's ... [More]

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