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28. July 2014 11:28
by jennifer

Neon Vibe 5K in Sarasota Promo Code Discount

28. July 2014 11:28 by jennifer | 0 Comments

I grew up just south of Sarasota, in a little town called Venice. I love Venice/Sarasota and try to get down there to visit family as often as possible, which honestly isn't enough.

When I heard about the Neon Vibe 5K in Sarasota from a high school friend, I knew I had to try to make it! And I will!!

Join me and the #TampaTrio as we run through the neon colors of Lakewood Ranch on Saturday August 23rd!

From Neon Vibe:
The Neon Vibe after dark fun-run will have you and your friends glowing crazy with color and dancing all night! Did we mention we had color that glows under black lights – and lots of it! Think of it like this – there’s 5K’s, and then there’s running a 5K in black lights with loads of color! This is the most fun you will ever have at a run!

YOU are our color canvas, and when you’re finished with this 5k run you’ll be a vivid glowing masterpiece. So tag your friends and hook everybody up with the best night-time 5K run. This is one amazing run you will not want to miss! Register for the craziness today before we are sold out in your city.

You can register for the Sarasota event HERE and don't forget to use the code GLOWBLOG to save $5 off your registration!!

I hope to see you out there!!

28. July 2014 11:14
by jennifer

Family Game Night at Whole Foods Market Carrollwood

28. July 2014 11:14 by jennifer | 0 Comments

Please join me and the #TampaTrio as we participate in Family Game Night at Whole Foods Carrollwood!! I'm sort of a trivia buff, and miss the days of going to the local pub to win a few rounds of trivia! Now I can go with my kids, have a healthy meal, and a great time at Whole Foods! PleaseFamily Game Night Time: 6-7 p.m. Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 Location: Whole Foods Market Carrollwood Cost: FREE (Registration is required) Register/Info: (813) 264-3600; Whole Foods Market Carrollwood Web... [More]

27. July 2014 14:52
by jennifer

Healthy Choices at the Olive Garden

27. July 2014 14:52 by jennifer | 1 Comments

Recently my family was invited by the Olive Garden to come out and sample some of their new menu items.  Due to time constraints, my husband's job, etc., we were unable to attend the official "launch party" but the Olive Garden was kind enough to send me a gift card so that my family could come and dine at our leisure. Today happened to be the perfect day!! After spending most of my morning doing yard work, I was starving by the time I was finished, and the Olive Garden sounded like the per... [More]

26. July 2014 16:39
by jennifer

Weekly Workouts and other musings July 20-26 #MomsWhoSwing

26. July 2014 16:39 by jennifer | 3 Comments

This week I saw HUGE gains in my overall strength. While I'm still quite injured on my left knee and right heel, my body is really starting to change. I'm noticing a lot of definition in my shoulders and pecs as well as my thighs and quads. This week also saw us celebrating my son's 8th birthday. How is he 8 already? I have no idea where the time has gone. Here's how my week went. Sunday-Rest Day. Well, as much rest as one can have when hosting a birthday party for a pair of Irish Twins. We cele... [More]

25. July 2014 15:54
by jennifer

Got Zoodles? Veggetti Review and Giveaway

25. July 2014 15:54 by jennifer | 55 Comments

Disclosure: The Veggetti®, gift card, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Ontel. For a while now I have been coveting a vegetable spiralizer but never felt like spending more than $20 for one since some of the ones I have seen really didn’t look like they were worth more than that. It looked like a great way to add in extra vegetables to our diet, plus now that our entire family is eating fewer grains, I really wanted a way to give the #TampaTrio their favorite... [More]