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29. July 2015 07:37
by jennifer

What I'm Reading Wednesday

29. July 2015 07:37 by jennifer | 1 Comments

Here we are, another Wednesday.

What am I reading this week?

Last week I said I had several books to choose from, but I decided to go with an "older" book. Not a classic, but a book published in 2012. Gone Girl

I read the book in 2012, and while I liked it, I didn't LOVE it. Most of my friends loved it so I seriously wondered if something was wrong with me. 

Then the movie came out in 2014 and I really really liked the movie. It's not like me to like a movie more than a book. In fact, there are really only 2 other books where I thought the movie was better: The Notebook and Jurassic Park. 

Okay, so I decided to give Gone Girl another chance, but this I would do it by audio book.

Gone Girl is narrated by Julia Whelan (Amy) and Kirby Heyborne (Nick), and you can read their thoughts about narrating this book HERE

Okay, so I am LOVING Gone Girl as an audio book. I'm not too keen on Kirby Heyborne as Nick, but I think that might be part of the story. You aren't supposed to like Nick. He's not a good guy. But Julia Whelan does a spot-on job as Amazing Amy. Gone Girl has redeemed itself.

I'm also reading the sequel to the Rosie Project; The Rosie Effect.


It's a cute story. Rosie and Don are married and Rosie is pregnant! I'm only a few chapters in, so I'll be able to discuss more next week, but it's super cute!


Have you ever liked a movie better than the book it was based on??

22. July 2015 09:22
by jennifer

What I'm Reading Wednesday

22. July 2015 09:22 by jennifer | 2 Comments

Wow, it's Wednesday already.  So, what have I been reading? I finished The Goldfinch. I LOVED it. 5 stars. I can totally see why it won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014. I loved the character of Boris. Yes, Theo was good too, but there was just something about Boris and I was so glad to see him re-emerge later in the story. It's a long story, 700+ pages, and I broke it up by listening to the audio version in my car and on my walks, and I read the hard copy at night on the couch while my husband watched TV. The Goldfinch has been picked up by Warner Bros for a movie adaptation, and it will certainly be a movie I go and see.    Also, in less than 48 hours I read and finished The Rosie Project. This was recommended to me by my aunt and I really enjoyed it. It's the story of an autistic genetics professor named Don Tillman (who doesn't realize that he's autistic) and his search for the perfect wife. He meets Rosie, thinking she's applied for the "wife project" and despite her being totally unsuitable, they become friends. It was a fast, lighthearted read, though I do feel that the ending was rushed, and I closed the book feeling disappointed by the ending. But there is a sequel The Rosie Effect so I'm hoping that perhaps it will pick up where the other left off and build upon the rushed ending. I also recently learned that this book is being made into a movie with Jennifer Lawrence cast as Rosie. I think this is a great casting decision. I'm curious who will play Don who is described as being in very good physical shape, and looking like Cary Grant.    I have quite a few books sitting on my desk, so I'll update you next week with what I decided to pick! What are you currently reading??

20. July 2015 12:08
by jennifer

Girl Scout Thin Mint Sprint and Tagalong Trot 2015

20. July 2015 12:08 by jennifer | 0 Comments

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida have invited me and the #TampaTrio to participate in the annual Girl Scout Thin Mint Sprint (5K) and Tagalong Trot (1 mile). You can read about our previous experiences here, and here.  We love this race, and last year Ronin won big by placing in the Top 50, and earned himself a box of cookies!! It was this race that really set him on his goal to run longer, run faster, run smarter.   So how do you do that? How do you run longer, faster, smarter? Especially when you are only 8 years old and you already run faster and longer than anyone you know?  Well, I don't know the answer to that question, but what I can tell you is how I trained my 8 year old son to be a smarter runner. See, I've posted before about Ronin starting off like a cheetah and getting tired out too easily. We worked on that and he was able to easily achieve a sub-30 5K. E.A.S.I.L.Y. But what do you do if you've never run before, or if you want to run longer distances. This is what I did.... I used a Gymboss Interval Timer. I clipped it to the top of my bicycle. And I rode my bike while Ronin ran.  We did 5 minute intervals. 4 minutes of an easy run, 1 minute of walking. And we did it 4 times per week. Our plan was working great!! Ronin had gotten up to 6 miles of running. He was training for the Gasparilla 15K, and he was DETERMINED that he would win for his age group (10 and under). But then his world came shattering down around him when he broke his leg just 3 weeks shy of his first 15K.   7 months later and Ronin is now out of his cast, but he still wears his boot on occasion, and he walks with a limp. That broken leg really took the wind out of his sails. He's been running, though not for time. He's just been running for fun.  And what better way for him to get back to the racing circuit than a race designed for fun?? With 3 options to choose from (5K, 1 mile, Virtual) there is an option for EVERYONE!! We'll have to see how Ronin (and me, I have injuries right now too!!) continues to feel throughout the rest of the summer, but I'm thinking we will all (me, Ronin and both girls) go for the 5K for the third consecutive year.        Have you suffered a serious injury and been able to come back as "good" as you were before?? Tell me how you did it, please!  You can find out more information about the race HERE, and you can register HERE.