yurbuds for women

For as long as I have been working out/running, I have worn over the head headphones, circa 1980 Tongue Out I've tried different brands of earbuds but nothing ever worked for me. They fell out, and/or they were very uncomfortable.  I really think I have tried every brand that my local supercenter has for sale. I have dozens of earbuds laying around the house (I sense another decluttering project coming up!!)

Recently I was contacted by yurbuds, maker of the sport earphones guaranteed never to hurt or fall out. They asked if I would review their new product Inspire for Women. This line is designed for the female athlete. Women generally have a smaller ear size than men (maybe that's why all those other types of earbuds never worked for me) and a variety of style tastes. The Inspire for Women line is designed specifically to fit smaller ears and features all of the classic yurbuds qualities including sweat and water resistant design, FlexSoft comfort fit, TwistLock Technology and ambient noise awareness. They also come in some really cool colors; aqua, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange. I was sent a pair of the ORANGE Inspire for Women yurbuds.

I decided to really put them to the test by taking them on my 100 mile (which turned out to be 128.6 miles) adventure race through the Florida Keys. And how fitting that my yurbuds were ORANGE because the organization that I went with the Project Athena Foundation has orange as their signature color. I was styling in my orange shirt, orange bracelet and orange yurbuds!!

I wore my yurbuds while running, cycling and even kayaking! They were super comfortable, and never fell out! I love them! They did take me a few attempts to get them locked in place but once I read the directions (doh!!) I realized that I wasn't doing it properly. Chalk one up to user error Foot in Mouth 

They come apart really easily for cleaning, which trust me, needed to be done after 128 miles. Overall this is a neat little product that I will be adding to my ever growing list of fitness "must-have" items!! If you have an athlete on your shopping list this Holiday season, a pair of yurbuds would make a great gift!


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