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I have been thinking a lot lately about going to a plant based diet. I have done my research and I think am ready to jump in with both feet. In the beginning I am going to aim for 60% raw. I am working on meal planning right now, but overall it seems pretty simple. And I LOVE fruits and veggies, nuts and beans, so I'm thinking that the transition should be pretty smooth.

and then I come across this statistic....

Women, suggested daily maximum intake: 6 pounds (2.7 kg) of fruit 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) of vegetables 0.25 pounds (0.11 kg) of nuts or seeds.

holy fruits and veggies! That is a lot of raw food  Surprised 


Still, it is something that I WANT to do. I just have to be mindful of how I am feeling physically, and emotionally and keep a close eye on my athletic training. 

why do I want to go raw? A few reasons. I always feel better when I take a few raw days each month; I feel like it purifies  me. Two, I want to lose 12 pounds. I have been at 157 pounds for 19 months, but I feel like I need to go a little bit lower so I can be a more efficient athlete. I have been trying to get there following WW but my body just won't budge, so I think I need to shock it a little.

Do any of you follow a raw diet? Any tips/tricks to share?

Here is my meal plan for the week:

Breakfast- Every morning Smoothie made with Almond Milk


Lunch: spinach salad with walnuts and chick peas

Dinner: Salmon with romaine salad

Snacks: mango and apples throughout the day when hungry


Lunch: Salmon on mixed greens with mixed nuts and seeds

Dinner: Shrimp on mixed green with nuts and beans

Snacks: strawberries and bananas


Lunch: Lettuce Wraps with hummus, lemon and avocado

Dinner: Fresh veggies with black beans

Snacks: oranges and grapes


Lunch: Sprouted Quinoa Salad With Mango Salsa

Dinner: Mediterranean Zucchini Fettuccine (not made with noodles)

Snacks: pears and cherry tomatoes


Lunch: Sprouted Quinoa Salad With Mango Salsa (leftover)

Dinner: TBD. We are heading to Busch Gardens for a media preview event.

Snacks: pears and cherry tomatoes


Lunch: Southern-Style Spicy Spaghetti (not made with noodles)

Dinner: Black beans with brown rice

Snacks: Bananas and cashews



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  • I find when I don't have a well balanced combination of anything in my diet, I don't have as much energy. And 6 pounds of fruit, wow sugar, natural I know but still. I seem to remember Cindy posting on your FB that she actually gained weight from a raw diet, and I could see how that would be with the amounts.

    But... that being said, what doesn't work for one person, does not mean it won't work for another. I don't think my system could handle all the raw. Have you thought about going vegetarian instead?

  • I have thought about going vegetarian, but I don't do grains very well, so that's why I thought maybe plant/raw would be a better fit?
  • The menu looks wonderful. Looking forward to hearing how it worked for you.
  • Wow!!! I am not sure how you do it! discipline... wow! You inspire me!
  • I did this last year and juiced most of my fruit. You can use up pounds of it easily for just a few glasses of fresh juice. Added ginger for extra mmmmmm. I had detox headaches for a week or so but was a million bucks after. You already eat well so it won't be such a shock from junk food and meat. That is long gone for you. I now do smoothies in the AM with almond/coconut milk, GNC Protein powder, Superfood veggie powder from GNC, a banana, greek yogurt, a few pieces of frozen fruit or raw fresh berries, chia seeds and a dash of wheat germ. Gives me super energy for hours as I start work at 4:30am and need to be rocking for the first four-five hours before I get a break to refuel.
  • Thanks Alia! Great ideas Smile I am going to hit up GNC for some supplies tomorrow! I think the trio would really enjoy it, too Smile
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