Manic Monday

I was so ready to get back to my normal Les Mills workout routine this morning. That would have meant 30 minutes of CXWORX and 60 minutes of BODYCOMBAT. But my sweet daughter Ella had other plans for me.

I woke up this morning bright and early (3:45am) and headed to Channel 10 News in St. Pete for a Mom Squad panel and Q/A about my Project Athena Adventure Race. I arrived back home about 6:30am and started to make breakfast, pack lunches, you know the normal drill of a school day.

Around 7am little Miss Ella comes crying into the kitchen "mama, I don't feel good, I threw up." Whaaaaaaattttttt? She was fine last night. She was fine all week. She then tells me through tears that she actually threw up sometime in the night but since I had an early morning she didn't want to wake me up. Lovely. I mean, I'm glad she let me sleep and all, but now her room (that she shares with her sister) smells of puke and it's caked on to her carpet. Yuck. Gross, I know. And then I find out then when she decided she needed to be sick, it came on so suddenly that she couldn't get out of bed, so she just leaned over her bed (which is the TOP BUNK) and just let gravity take its course. Sealed She barely missed covering her sister. Did I say yuck yet???

I do a mad dash of cleaning, washing, etc., and finish breakfast/lunch, drive the other 2 to school and come home. Where I tackle mopping, cleaning, and disinfecting EVERYTHING!! So hey, at least now everything looks and smells good. Except for me. I need a shower. But there will be time for that later. I hope.

I did manage to get my workout in today despite being thrown all sorts of curve balls. I pulled out my handy dandy Les Mills at home kit, and did release 82 (my absolute favorite release E.V.E.R) and knocked it out of the park. At the end of my workout I discovered that my sweet Ella managed to take a few hundred pictures of me working out. Good times I tell ya, good times.


What makes me love release 82 so much? A few reasons, back, biceps, and lunges!! This is the song they chose for the lunge track and it ROCKS!! It's also used in other BODYPUMP releases and in RPM, too. Great, energetic song!

 This is what I had for lunch!! YUMMY!!

I hope Tuesday turns out to be a little bit more predictable Wink

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