Workout Blues...NOT!

Two of my kids have been sick since Monday. That means that I couldn't go to the gym/cycle studio for my beloved group fitness classes. This would have been the PERFECT opportunity to just say "oh well, there will always be tomorrow." But tomorrow turned into another sick day, and then another sick day, so here we are on Thursday and I haven't been to the gym/studio since SATURDAY!!

Does that mean I didn't workout? NO WAY!

I've just been creative!

Sunday-Early morning run while kids and husband slept. We left for Orlando mid-morning and then we walked all over City Walk, bounced between hotel properties, etc...I kept active.

Monday-Quick 20 minute circuit in the hotel room before breakfast. I always travel with my resistance tube! Doesn't take up any room in the luggage and you can use it for so many activities!


Tuesday-I was home with 2 very sick little kids. But they love to watch me workout, so they snuggled up on the couch while I did 60 minutes of Body Pump, and 30 minutes of CXWORX both by Les Mills, both amazing programs!

Wednesday-I had only one sick baby home and she kept going in and out of bouts of feeling good, feeling bad, feeling good, feeling bad. At one time she was feeling so great she wanted to go for a bike ride so we discussed a 4 mile loop that we could do together. Before I knew it, it was 2:30pm and we hadn't done our ride yet, so I started to get ready and suddenly she was back to feeling bad. I had a little bit of a panic attack. I wanted to get my other two from school by 4pm and still had to go to the store to get all the ingredients I needed to make my Skinny Sloppy Joes. Yikes! What to do, what to do?? Perfect opportunity to just throw in the towel and make an excuse "oh I'll work out when husband gets home", "oh there is always tomorrow." "Oh maybe I just need a rest day." But people, I don't take a rest day. Yes, from strength training I take a rest day, but from Cardio NO NO NO! I don't see any reason why my heart muscle shouldn't be worked every day. I work my mind, my legs, all other parts of my body every single day of the week, why not my most important muscle, too??  In I pop my CXWORX for 30 minutes of core, and then I ran up and down my street (I live on a cul-de-sac, very private) for 20 minutes and got in my workout that way. DONE. EASY! No excuses.

Thursday-Today. Sick kids again. I was supposed to cycle and then had a meeting scheduled at 11am for a possible sponsorship. Ya, not happening. But today I am going to change it up just a bit. I am going to do my CXWORX, and then I found this No Nonsense Circuit Workout from Peanut Butter Fingers that I'm going to do too. I will likely have to split my workout in to two different sessions b/c of Pedi appts and such, but THAT'S OKAY!! Who says it all has to be done at once?? Not me!


Fingers crossed that the kiddos will be better tomorrow! We have The Color Run that we are supposed to do on Saturday!! They've been SO EXCITED to do it, and we've been signed up since MAY so the anticipation has been building and building!! Come on kids get better, please!!

What do you do when you can't do your normal workout routine? Do you skip working out all-together or do you find another way to get in your exercise??

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  • Good thinking! Keep that body moving...
  • Wow! You rock at fitting exercise into crazy days. Great job!
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