All I want for Christmas

Is a DOG!

I have wanted a dog to join our family for years. Many years. We did adopt a beautiful Vizsla from our local animal shelter in 2005. We named him Chance and he was lovely. At this time I was a stay-at-home-mom with a newborn, and an 18 month old. We adopted him around Halloween time, but by Christmas many of his bad habits had begun to emerge. Chance was a CHEWER. A major chewer. He destroyed our patio furniture, the installation around the feed and return of our AC unit, and try as I may I could not retrain him. And then I discovered I was pregnant again. Uh oh! 3 babies under 3 and a chewer dog? Nope. Not happening. I was able to re-home him and we've been dog free since then.


Chance with Ella (he loved her!! and Haley (standing) Christmas 2005.

Fast forward to December 2012. Our kids are now 6, 7, and 8. I am again a stay-at-home-mom, and I'm also a runner. I can think of no better running partner (besides my kids) than a dog. I am having visions of running in the morning with my dog. I am having visions of my kids squealing with delight as they play chase, fetch, dress-up and other games that kids like to play with dogs.

Don't get me wrong, I know dogs are work. I grew up always having a dog. Big dogs; Irish Setters, Golden Retrievers, Labs. I know that they poop and that I'll have to clean that poop up from the backyard so that kids and husband don't step in it. I know dogs need medical care to keep them healthy. I know all about what it means to be a dog owner. And I still want a dog.

I've narrowed it down to these 5 choices:

1. Labradoodle

2. Goldendoodle

3. Standard Poodle

4. Labrador Retriever

5. Giant Schnauzer

For our family, I think a Labradoodle is the best choice. Haley and I both have pet allergies and while all of these 5 species are considered hypoallergenic species, the labradoodle is very intelligent, easily trainable, they don't get too big and they love kids!!

They come in many different color variations and I'd prefer a lighter colored one, like blond or apricot. But honestly I don't care. I just want a dog. The one in the photo below is apricot in color. She looks so sweet :)

That's what I want for Christmas. A dog. I know we are ready to add a new addition to our family. Will I get my wish on Christmas morning? Probably not. I might have to wait for all those parents who went out and bought their kids a Labradoodle puppy for Christmas only to realize that they weren't ready for a dog, and then I'll swoop in and take it off their hands.

Do you have a dog? What breed? Do you run with your dog? What kinds of fun things do you do with your dog?






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  • A Labradoodle is the perfect choice for your active family!  There's always pet adoptions at our local PetCo.  I highly recommend adopting a shelter pet.  They are always more loving and thankful to be part of a family.

    I don't run my dog, but she loves going places with the family.  We took our old dog camping.  I never thought I'd be one "those" dog owners, but I love having her in tow.
  • Tif
    If you get a labradoodle make sure it's an AUSTRALIAN Labradoodle-more consistent coats, less shedding, just an all around better dog than the American Labradoodles.  

    You already know this-but I have an Australian Labradoodle. Love her to death. She runs with me and is just fantastic. The girls love her, dress her up with blankets, lay on her. When one of them is in a meltdown she automatically goes over to them and just leans up against them and is such a grounding presence.

    My mom just got a gorgeous standard girl that she's going to breed to get some larger ones-she mostly has minis and mediums. Mazey is a large medium, I think. Let me know if you want me to get her in touch with you Smile
  • I love big dogs, we have always had Golden retrievers. Awesome dogs with kids and he runs with me, not more then 5 miles, but he would till he died if you let him. Such a dedicated breed, and don't forget the duck hunt.
  • Big dogs are the best! We have two ten year old German Shorthaired Pointers, who despite the name, have plenty of hair to spread all over my kitchen floors! But nonetheless, I love them and they are great with my almost two year old! Although I would love to run with them, they have never been good leash dogs (typical of the breed since they are hunters).  Good luck picking out the right breed for your family! I'll be rooting for you tomorrow morning in hopes you get a big surprise!
  • That's a labradoodle? It looks stuffed.

    I would really like a golden retriever.
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