5 tips for a Pilates Newbie....


Today I took my FIRST Pilates class. I'm not sure what I was expecting, because even though I had HEARD of Pilates and many of my friends on social media had posted updates about taking Pilates, they never described WHAT it was, and I NEVER looked it up. Bad librarian.

Here are my 5 newbie tips about taking your first Pilates class:

  1. Pilates is NOT yoga. Yes, you take off your socks and shoes like yoga, but for me, that is where the similarity ended. I did not have any sort of "zen moment" in Pilates. Nothing even close to zen.
  2. If you are doing mat Pilates, double or heck, maybe even TRIPLE up your mat. All the floor rocking/rolling has left my spine bruised and sore.
  3. Even if you are fit, and active, and you have strong core, you might be sore (cough cough) and that's a GOOD thing!! Doing something new showed me what muscles I'm not focusing on and how bad my posture is. So don't be surprised if after a Pilates class you feel muscles you haven't felt in a long time....or ever.
  4. Do the moves at your own pace. It's your workout! Ask the instructor for options if you need them! I saw way too many people struggling, or just flat out stop moving because the move was too difficult for them, and they didn't ask for help and the instructor while she gave many options, she might not have gone low enough for some of the participants in the class. And 4 years ago, I would have been one of them, so I get where they are.
  5. Stay for the entire class!! I was thinking of cutting out 5 minutes early so that I could set up my bike for cycle, but I was enjoying myself so much that I decided to stay and knew I could make up the time on the bike with heavier gear. I'm so glad I stayed!! I would have missed some great additional plank work.

I know I said 5 tips, but here is the thing. Pilates is CORE! It was amazing. It is certainly going on my workout rotation two times per week. Mat Pilates on Monday and Power Pilates on Wednesday. I am a bit sore besides the spinal bruising right between my shoulder blades which is weird to me b/c we used no weights at all.

My new fitness facility also offers Pilates Reformers but the looks of the machine is pretty intimidating!!

Have you ever taken mat Pilates? Or Pilates Reformers?? What are your thoughts??

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  • I never took a pilates class. The only classes I have done are Zumba (which I loved) and Step. And Aerobics. Hmmm... but now I am back to flying solo with running and strength training. But these tips rock if I ever DO decided to join a class again.
  • Congrats on the big news!!! I am so glad you were recognized for all of your hard work! Now we are Polar sisters!
  • Hey Jenny, I just came across your blog after joining the Tampa Bay Bloggers Facebook group. First, I have to say that your story is quite inspiring and amazing. I have never taken a Pilates class but I really want to. Getting more into the healthy living blogging community has really opened up my eyes and given me a craving to try different forms of exercise. One of the main areas I know I need to strengthen is my core, so this seems awesome. Do you mind me asking which gym you belong to?
  • Hi Kelly Smile

    I workout out at the brand new, state of the art (can you tell I love this place??) Health and Wellness Center at Florida Hospital in Wesley Chapel.
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