Every Girl Has An Iron Core

Regardless of her age, every girl has an iron core. We need to remind the girls in our life that they are neither too young, nor too old to find and embrace the path to a healthy lifestyle.

I started my kids off on the path when they were still quite young. They participated in their first 5K race when they were 4, 5, and 6 years old. And they participated. They were not pushed in a stroller, or pulled in a wagon. They moved their body using their own power. Of my three children, my middle daughter, my crazy cool Ella, is the natural athlete. She can run, she can bike, she can swim. She can move. And she loves it.

Ella turned 7 this past July. When she was 6 she WON the Great Mother's Day 5K race for her age division. The child can run just like a cheetah, and she loves to show me up Tongue Out

Polar, the company that makes the BEST heart rate monitors, provided Ella and me with an entry to run together as a mother-daughter team for Iron Girl Clearwater race, and Miss Ella is taking her training very seriously. She's been running one mile every night since she learned that we'd be running this together. Good practice for her since we're also running a 4 mile trail run on March 17th.

But I'm not only running this race with Ella. Many of my blogger friends from the Tampa Bay Bloggers are also running in the race. As Denise of RunDMT said so perfectly “In the spirit of Iron Girl, it is important to empower, encourage and support women of all athletic abilities. The women of the Tampa Bay Bloggers share that belief. We ask our readers to share this vision by following the women of the Tampa Bay Bloggers as they embark on their Iron Girl journey.” 

Denise put together a list of the Tampa Bay Bloggers that are participating in the race, and the distance that they are running. I'll update it as we continue to gather the information.Come out and join us!!

Asha of The Dansha Diaries – 5K

Beth of Discom-BOB-ulated Running - 5K

 Callie of The Wanna Be Athlete

Caroline of My Fascinating Life – 5K

Chrissy of Loving Life – half marathon

Denise of Run DMT – half marathon

Heather of 321 Fit Life – half marathon

 Holly of Ask the Fit Coach

Jen of Putting on My Girl Panties and Just Doin It – half marathon

Jenny of Metamorfit – 5K mother/daughter team (notice we are the ONLY mother/daughter team!!)

Jessica of Cuban Running Crisis - half marathon

Jessica of Life with My Loves – 5K

Jina of Behold the Turtle - half marathon

Katie of A Full Plate – 5K

Katrina of Sneakers and Fingerpaints 5K

Kelly of Shape Daily

Liza of Addicted to Savings

Margarita of Cardio Cupcake

Marisa of Fit Kids Playground- half marathon

Meghan of Little Girl in the Big World – half marathon

Mindy of Mindy’s Fitness Journey - half marathon

Nicole of Healthy Girl Adventures  5K

Rachel of A Mom with Minions and Opinions

Rachel of Runner’s Tales

Raffi of Running Betty 5K

Rebecca ofFit Runnin Momma – half marathon

Rebecca of Rebecca Roams – half marathon

Steph of Kitchen KM – 5K

Tori of In Love and Peanut Butter – half marathon

Xiomora  of Parkesdale – half marathon

To encourage you to join us in the Iron Girl journey, all MetamorFit readers can get 10% off an entry with coupon code TBBLOGGERS13. Hurry! The code expires 2/28.

Learn more about Iron Girl and register for an Iron Girl event near you here.

Like Iron Girl on Facebook and follow Iron Girl on Twitter @IronGirl hashtag #IronGirlTBB.


Iron Girl has been gracious enough to offer ONE lucky MetamorFit reader a mother-daughter entry to the Clearwater race!!

Here are the race details:

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Location: Start and finish at Coachman Park
Women's Only 1/2 Marathon & 5K
7:00 a.m. race start for 1/2 Marathon
7:30 a.m. race start for 5K

And some additional details

1)your mother-daughter team must do the same race distance. One of you can't do the 1/2 marathon and the other one do the 5K

2)only girls age 14 and UP can participate in the 1/2 marathon

3)any age can do the 5K

4)no strollers, etc...all girls must be able to move on their own power

5)you don't have to run!!! You can walk the entire race if you want!! Just make the commitment to do it and finish!

What do you need to do to win?? Comment on this post by February 16th and tell me WHAT makes YOU an Iron Girl, WHO would run the race with you AND how far you'd have to travel to run the race. 3 things that's it! I will pick a winner on February 17th. And remember......


Comments (14) -

  • Great giveaway! I love it!!!
  • That's great. I really want to run a 5k with my boys. I am thinking one of the color ones would be good because we wont be timed and getting painted is fun!
  • Awesome giveaway Jenny! Peyton and I would love to run the 5k together! As for what makes ME an Iron Girl....well I would say the desire and ability to continually motivate others on their journey towards health and fitness and to have fun doing it!
  • I did the Color Run with Ella in December 2012 and we had a lot of fun!! It was supposed to be a family affair but the rest of my clan had the nasty flu bug!!
  • Incredible give away Jenny!  What makes me an iron girl is my continued, relentless pursuit towards fitness and fighting obesity and a sedentary lifestyle by being a positive roll model to all women especially my 11 year old daughter Ashley.  To teach my daughter that her iron "core" is what makes her unique, and is stronger than any obstacle or challenge she may face.  To show her to use that strength to pursue whatever dream she can think up.  My daughter and I would run this together (5K) as she isn't old enough to run a half marathon(not yet!) and we would have to travel about 90 minutes to get there.  Thanks!
  • I loved what you wrote for the FitFluential website, but I love this so much more! Your daughter sounds like a trooper, and you sound like an amazing mom!
  • Thanks Becky! She is an amazing little girl Smile
  • What make me an Iron Girl?  I have my weaknesses just like anyone, my kryptonite so to speak but what really empowers me and keeps me going is the memory of my mother.  You see I lost my mother 2 years ago this very month.  She battled breast cancer once, while in remission lost her husband tragically and then was diagnosed again.  She NEVER gave up she ALWAYS wanted more "time".  Tragically we lost her at age 54 from that awful disease.  It made me think of what age Lily would be if I died at 54.  I started to share every spare moment with my daughter.  We started figure skating together 2 years ago and competing.  My mother missed our first competition but I wear as pink ribbon on my dress for her every time I step on the ice.  Then Lily started to show an interest in running.  She just loved running club at school and she too is fast.  About 4 weeks ago she came home with an entry for the Spring Sprint her schools 5K fundraiser and asked “mommy can we do this together?” I thought OMG I hate running, but what the heck.  So I started training.  I still hate running and it’s a struggle every morning to put the shoes and the headphones on but I will never give up.  I’ll never give up that chance to spend one more minute, once more skate, one more mile with my daughter.  That little bit of “more time” my mother never had.  I would love to run the race with my daughter Lily.  I would travel about 35 minutes to the race.
  • Being a mom is hard job, but I manage to put one foot in front of the other.  Always trying to set a good example for my children.  If I was given the opportunity to run this race I would love to do a 5 K with my oldest 7 year old daughter.  We could continue to bond and focus on working as a team.  I want her happiness, I love my Bella!
  • Hello Jenny!

    Thanks for offering this give away and empowering women!  I think what makes me an Iron girl is that I am a very active mom, wife, friend, runner, and Body Combat instructor.  Running helped me physically and mentally almost 5 years ago when my daughter passed away.  My daugher, Jordan, would be running with me and is my little Iron girl.  She is my little Iron girl because she is a gymnast, great at school, and so loving and caring to everyone around her.  She was the light at the end of the tunnel and so special!   We would only be traveling from Odessa, FL.  Good luck and thanks Run DMT for posting this link on my FB page!! XO
  • I love all these comments! You are all Iron Girl's in my book!!
  • Congrats Cindy!! You and Ashley are the winners of the mother-daughter entry!!
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