Raising a Vegetarian?

My oldest daughter Haley just turned 9. She announced to her daddy and I last night that she was no longer going to eat meat, she was becoming a vegetarian. James sat down with her and they throughly discussed what it means to be a vegetarian and WHY she wanted to become one. Her answer was quite simple: "I don't like the taste of meat. Or chicken. Or fish. I only eat it because you work so hard to make it, and I know that salmon is so good for me."

Okay. She's old enough to make these decisions. We'll support her.

Tonight for dinner I made a grilled chicken strawberry salad. I put it in front of each of the kids and Haley just looks at me "mama, I'm a vegetarian now." Oh shit, right I forgot! My bad!! I had already planned to make a big batch of my famous Black Bean soup, so I just started it a little bit early, and that's what she had and she gobbled it right down. I don't eat mammals and haven't for years. James rarely does, in fact I can't remember the last time he did. But we do eat a lot of fish. And we eat a lot of beans. I think Haley is going to be just fine with her decision to become a vegetarian.

As a family we also made the decision to go gluten free. We've been gluten free since Saturday (well, they have....I had beer at the Best Damn Race) and honestly it hasn't been difficult at all. We didn't eat that much before we made the switch, just snacky type of foods (GOLDFISH!! PRETZELS!!) that we're better off without. For lunch the kids have been taking rice cakes with almond butter and sliced apples on top, oat granola bars, Pirate Booty, Orange slices, and Clif Bar Fruit Ropes. Why did we decide to go gluten free? Ronin, James and Haley all have issues that can be explained by a gluten sensitivity and Ella and I are tagging along for the ride to support them. There are a TON of great alternatives available.

So, I'm reading labels like crazy for our family. No HFCS, no MSG, no wheat, no barley, no rye, no natural flavors (that likely means that there is gluten in the product) no this, no that, and I'm also reading labels for Matthew. No crappy food for him either.

That's what has been happening over here. Are you a vegetarian? Pescatarian? Carnivore? Omnivore? Gluten free? Any other dietary restrictions? Any recipes to share with me?? I'll share a little eye candy with you.

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  • I love Ryan Gosling, although he looks a little young for my tastes in that photo. And I am onmivorish. ;) Keegan (my oldest) isn't much of a meat eater - he will eat it if I make it, but he prefers fruit, veggies and pasta.
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