You can't make me eat the rice

I wrote this post last year right about this time. I came across it again and it made me laugh out loud so I thought I'd share it with you all!

Monday was an exciting day for me! I accepted a new position as a media specialist for an elementary school in Pasco County; a position I have been dreaming about for over 3 years! To celebrate, my husband took me out for lunch. We decided to go to Ginza Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar on Collier Parkway. I was thrilled to see that they offered an assortment of fresh veggies and lean meats that they would stir-fry for the customer! They also had one of my favorite items; seaweed salad. I love sea vegetables, so this totally made my day. But I was about to have my dream lunch crushed by the rice Nazi. (This is of course made in reference to the soup Nazi, a beloved character from the classic TV series “Seinfeld.”)

The sushi bar had wonderful nigiri sushi just calling my name. Now since I’ve changed my diet, I no longer eat white rice; especially white sushi rice which is just empty carbs. But I love sashimi so figured I would just make my own by removing the rice. I helped myself to 6 pieces of nigiri (3 salmon, 3 tuna) and sat back down at my table and proceeded to eat just the fish and put the rice to the side. Viola, insant sashimi. And before I had even finished my 6 tiny pieces, the sushi dude calls out to me from behind the sushi bar “you must eat the rice with the sushi.”

What? I must eat the rice? Who is going to make me eat the rice? How can you make me eat the rice? Last time I checked I was the one who had control of what I put in my mouth. I proceeded to tell him “No, I don’t have to eat the rice, I don’t eat rice.”

He then pointed to a sign that I had overlooked where it stated that the customer must eat the rice. WHAT???

And then our waitress came over and tell me the same thing: “You must eat the rice.”  Again, I replied “I don’t have to eat the rice, I don’t eat rice.” She then tells me “if you want no rice, you need to order sashimi off the menu.” To which I replied “no, I want the buffet but I don’t want the rice.” All of this for 6 bite size pieces of raw thinly sliced fish. And this is not a cheap buffet. Lunch for the two of us (with tip) was $35.00.  And we drank water.

I am in control of what foods I put in my body. No amount of food pushers, sushi chefs, waitresses, or foolish signage can make me eat the rice. Not happening.

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  • I really don't have much to say here. We talk at home but I am here to test the Captcha once again. Its never failed me and I'm starting to think some of your readers simply can't add. The captcha sequence changes after a certain period of time. I'm sorry that it has to exist but those damn spam bots go around and attempt to insert porn links and dangerous scripts into blogs. I'm sure that no one reading this wants to see XXX porn on this site.

    Typically, captcha is done with an image. The idea is that its hard to write a bot that's smart enough to read a funky looking image. Most developers (like myself) are doing work for companies with large bank accounts that have no issues spending $500-$3000 for a good image based captcha control.

    At this stage, doesn't have enough money to buy a good captcha tool. Sponsors Please???

    Being a developer, I came up with some code I could quickly write myself and went with a math problem for simplicity. Sometimes finding the time to do things the right way can be challenging. I'm going to fix this soon and use images. I'll make a quick fix this weekend to simplify the math a bit. I guess adding three small numbers is too much for some of your readers. Maybe there is a bug...I just haven't been able to reproduce it.

    I also want to add a products section so people can buy Metamorfit TShirts, Coffee Mugs, Pens and other bling. I will point them to Paypal for payment and keep it simple.

    There is so much more that I can do on this site. Much of this is a matter of time and I have to find balance as I juggle so much. I not much of a graphic artist and would love some help with a good header image and similar icons. I need all the layers, need it png based and it needs to address the header and whatever icons you wish to use on your MetamorFit bling.
  • Well, I figured out the Captch problem. I spent considerable time writing my previous comment. This delay caused my session to expire and a new captcha code was generated behind the scenes. Due to the time delay, the number printed on the screen was invalid.

    I opened up a new window and grabbed a new code. Used that on the old window and it saved.

    I will work out a fix to this soon. I appreciate everyone's patience on this one as I know it negatively affects the users experience wiht the site. Again, as a work around, if the code fails open a new window and determine the new code. Use that number on the old form.
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