Divine Intervention

Do you believe in "divine" intervention? Last night my husband brought home a bag of sweet potato and beet chips. I put them up high on top of the fridge. An hour or so later, I decide I'm going to go and have a serving of chips. I reach up on the fridge to grab the bag and the bag starts falling at me at a weird angle so I go to put up my hands to quickly catch it, and end up cutting MY NOSE WITH MY FINGERNAIL! It hurt so bad, I literally saw stars. I gave myself a freaking bloody nose. I cried. James and Haley had to come in and see what all the commotion was. Once I got myself together I put the chips away. With that sort of sign no way was I going to eat the chips.

Today I trimmed the heck out of my fingernails, kept slathering my gash with Vitamin E, and I ate the chips.  And throughout the day, I ate the whole dang bag. Take that divine intervention. I'll show you who's boss. Tongue Out

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