Parkesdale Farms: The Pride of Plant City

Many many years ago (like over a decade ago!!) I was a private school teacher in Plant City, FL. That's when I first heard about Parkesdale Farms. My students would bring me in strawberries, and they would always make sure to tell me that they came from Parkesdale Farms. At that time I was just like "eh whatever, a strawberry is just a strawberry." But fast forward many many years and I've learned that a Parkesdale Farm strawberry is NOT just like any other strawberry. And their strawberry shortcake is not like any other strawberry shortcake. And their strawberry shake is not like any other strawberry shake. But don't take my word for it. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

We were invited for a special blogger event and for weeks the kids and I have been talking and salivating over heading down and trying some of these world famous goodies!! Now as a health conscious family, we discussed the pros/cons of indulging in the sweet treats and that this was a special event and not something that we do on a regular basis, so the kids were free to enjoy the experience. I still reined in my sweet tooth, but trust me, I had my fill with the strawberry shake!

Ronin was so excited when we arrived! He gave the menu a big thumbs up! We looked over everything and had our choices ready to go when we arrived at the order window!

Each of the kids, (and me too) had a strawberry shake! Oh My Word!! It was the most delicious shake I have ever had!!

And then because it was a special day, they were allowed a strawberry shortcake IF they wanted. Ronin chose his with NO shortcake (no gluten), Haley had her shortcake loaded; strawberries, ice cream, whipped cream, and yes, shortcake. Ella and I both opted out of the second dessert since we were full from the shake!

Neither Haley nor Ronin finished their second dessert. I threw Ronin's away but we took most of Haley's home and she ate off it for the rest of the afternoon.  We also noshed on these babies!

We had an amazing afternoon and we were treated like royalty!

And they offer so much more than "just" strawberries. They have a full farmers market, and a beautiful nursery! Ella picked out a beautiful flowering plant and she's been taking great care of it since Monday!

Thanks for having us Parkesdale Farms! We had a great time and without a doubt you certainly do have the best drinkable dessert in the United States!


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  • Kat
    I love visiting Xio at Parkesdale!
  • Those strawberries look great! And I love that picture of you with the kids!
  • Oh. My. Goodness. Those look absolutely delicious! I love fresh strawberries at any time. My stepmom used to make individual strawberry shortcake for dessert at least once a week but I haven't had it in too long! Strawberries are definitely one of the best fruits.
  • So glad you guys had a great time!  Your kids were so adorable.
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