Premier Protein Prize Pack!!

In November 2012, I was fortunate enough to receive a great package from Premier Protein!! I eagerly opened it and immediately fell in love with the chocolate protein shake. At 6 Points Plus through Weight Watchers, it was higher in points than I was used to for breakfast, but I quickly discovered that it held me over longer and allowed for me to work out harder, so it was a good tradeoff.  And tasted GREAT!! Not chalky at all. And I love the pre-made protein shakes. As a busy mom of three kids, I need to just grab and go. I don't have time to get out the blender, measure, scoop, blend, clean, yada, yada, yada.

I shared the protein bars with my gym friends and my kids. The bars are 7 WW P+. And for a long workout day, they are great to cut in half and use to re-fuel. My kids and gym friends absolutely love them!! They do contain nuts, so be mindful if you have a nut allergy. And while they aren't gluten free, it's only because they are made in a facility that produces products with wheat. While we are a gluten free family, I don't stress over cross-contamination. recent communication with Premier Protein about the whole gluten issue, they responded with this:

"our original protein bars and shakes are not designed to contain gluten, but they are not promised to be gluten free due to the product being produced in a facility with gluten ingredients. However, we do have food-contact surface cleaning processes and allergen control procedures in place."

 So, if you watch your gluten but don't stress over CC, these could be a really good fit for you!!

 5 LUCKY MetamorFit readers (U.S. only) will EACH receive:

- 6 Premier Protein meal replacement bars: 2 bars in each flavor (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch)
- 4 Premier Protein shakes: 2 shakes in each flavor (chocolate and vanilla)
- Premier Protein nylon bag

What do you have to do to win??

  1. Comment on this post and tell me which flavor of shake and bar you'd be most excited to try. 

    AND one of the two items below:

  2. Like Premier Protein on Facebook and tell them Jenny Hodges is MetamorFit sent you
  3. Follow Premier Protein on Twitter @premierprotein #proteinpop and @jennymetamorfit  and tweet  "I want to win a Premier Protein Prize Pack" from  and

That's it! 5 WINNERS!!! The kids and I will pick the 5 lucky winners on March 3rd. You can enter more than once if you tweet, tweet, tweet Wink

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  • Thanks for sharing premier protein's page with me.  I'd love to try anything peanut butter flavor!!!
  • I'd love to try the Double Chocolate Crunch bar!
  • I would love to try the Chocloate Peanut Butter Bar and the vanilla shake.
  • Chocolate is delicious!!
  • Chocolate!  Liked Premier Protein and told them you sent me!!
  • Hello all!! I am most excited to try the yogurt peanut butter crunch bar and the vanilla shake!!! Have a good one!!
  • I would love to try the Double Chocolate Crunch bars and the Vanilla Shakes!  Love your review of them up there.  I'm a teacher and sometimes, when it gets really busy and hectic, it's tough for me to get in a midmorning snack....this looks like it would do the trick!
  • Love Premier Protein Chocolate Shakes!
  • I love Premier Protein! I received a box from them around the same time last year and the vanilla shake was my favorite! The yogurt pb crunch was my favorite of the bars. The bars a bit high in calories for me to eat regularly (they'd almost be a whole meal replacement), but they are big enough to break in half and still feel like I ate enough to tie me over for a workout and then have the rest for recovery. Smile
  • Exactly Beka! Same for me. No way could I ever eat a whole bar! It would be like a eating a candy bar!!
  • Tif
    We LOVE the bars around here-John and I buy them at Costco and cut them in half and stock up our gym bags with them...I pawn the yogurt ones off on the girls because I am definitely a chocolate fan!

    I haven't tried their shakes yet but would love to try their chocolate one. Off to follow on Twitter and Like on FB!
  • Forgot to give flavor: Double chocolate crunch
  • I found you through the Polar facebook link yesterday!  You are such an inspiration!!  I have over 200 pounds to lose all together, I have 20 of it gone!  I think that the peanut butter crunch would be really good!
  • jen
    MMMMM! Double chocolate crunch bar and chocolate shake!  Greg @ Mile after Mile sent me to you and you are sending me to Premier Protein.  I lost a total of 130 and have unfortunately started to creep back up and have gained 20 back.  I am ready to recommit and try some new protein stuff! Pick me!!!
  • Chocolate Crunch Bar and the Vanilla Shake sound yummy! Thank you!
  • Anything chocolate and peanut butter has to be yummy! Smile following premier protein on fb!
  • I would love to try the choc pb bars and the vanilla shake! Smile Hope I win!
  • I liked Premier Protein on Facebook and posted that you sent me.

    I love anything that is chocolate and/or peanut butter, so I'd love to the the chocolate peanut butter bar and the chocolate shake.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
  • Jenny,
    I would love the double chocolate. I am always on the go as well. Heading to the gym in the morning after work always is a struggle to find a good source of protein and fuel. These premade shakes and bars would be great.....Thank you
  • I would love to try the Chocolate. That is my fav. flavor in protein. I am always trying new protein powders just to keep my options open. This is a nice package!!
  • Chocolate shake and of course the double chocolate bar
  • Would love to try the Chocolate Shake and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar!
  • I would be most excited about the Chocolate Peanut Butter.
  • I would like to try the chocolate shake and double chocolate crunch bar!

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