I've been invited to participate in the Tampa event of COLOR ME RAD!! If it's anything like the Color Run that I did with Ella back in December than it's sure to be a good time!

Ella and I sure learned a lot about each other that day, spending it together without any other family members. When I told Ella that we were going to do Color Me Rad together I asked her if she had any tips to share with you all and she did! Her number one piece of advice...WEAR GOGGLES AND A MOUTH GUARD (her words.) I wore sunglasses and I was just fine, and I wore a bandana around my mouth and I was okay there too. But a 7yo has a hard time keeping a bandana around her mouth, and she lost her sunglasses very early on in the race, so while her advice is excellent, one must also remember TO USE THE ITEMS!! My advice...don't take the "run" too seriously. Go out and have fun, but enjoy yourself. Don't go out thinking you are going to set a PR. Unless you are in the VERY FRONT of the pack, you are not going to be running very fast because there will be a lot of walkers! I think it's great to see so many people out just walking...exercise is exercise. Just move your body and enjoy it!

Color Me Rad is coming to the Tampa Fairgrounds on May 25th. Waves start at 9am and will continue in 5 minute increments until everyone is on the course!

Check out their online schedule for a race near you, get together a group of your most rad friends, and head down to Color Me Rad  You won't regret putting a little color in your life!!

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  • I love her tips!  Great advice!  I really wish I could join you.  We'll see. I need to think about it.
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