The CrossFit Chronicles Edition 1

All stories have a beginning, and this is the beginning of my journey with CrossFit. I am physically fit, I have good endurance, but I am not happy with the level that I am performing at. I want to be S.T.R.O.N.G.E.R. I want to be able to pick up my dog when he won't get in the house when it's time to take the kids to school in the morning Tongue Out, I want to be able to do a pull-up. I want to do a lot of things that I physically just can't do right now. Sure, losing 212lbs is awesome, and I am SO PROUD of what I have been able to do (pretty much on my own) but it's time to kick it up another notch, and I really believe that CrossFit En Fuego is the place for me to do it.

The beginning is not always pretty, and here is my beginning. Since this is not a journey about weight loss (though if I lose weight, that will be an extra bonus) but one of gaining lean muscle, toning up my belly, hips, and losing some extra skin around my tricep area, I am not focusing on the scale at all. I have a really strong bicep (when I flex you can totally see it Tongue Out) We took measurements today, and I'll share with you the inches lost as we chronicle my adventures through CrossFit.

En Fuego just doesn't let you jump right in and start a WOD (workout of the day). They want to make sure that you have good form, know the moves, for three days every new member goes through the "Ignition" program. Today was my Ignition Day 1.  It was me and one other newbie and we had our own trainer; gym owner, Jen. Jen made sure we totally knew what we were doing (and she was my personal photographer) and instructed us throughout our Phase 1. We started with a warm-up of joint mobility: 400m jog, 10 pass-throughs and 20 mountain climbers, and we repeated that 2X. Then we went on to our skill sets. Air squats, front squats, and back squats. I had never done a front squat before, so that was something new!! To learn proper form, we just used a piece of PVC pipe, so it was pretty light. It was tricky getting those elbows out in front and keeping them there!

We then did some pull-ups, sit-ups using a wedge, and learned how to use their rowing machine. I also had Jen check my push-up form and she said it was spot on in both alternate form and on toes!! We did pull-ups a few different ways. She showed us how to use the rings first, and those were tough, they reminded me of TRX style pull-ups, but WAY harder. Then we went to the bar, and low and behold if I wasn't strong enough to progress to the next phase of pull-up training...drum roll please...the BAND assisted pull-up! CrossFit has different levels for all their moves, and different categories that you work out in: Wellness, Fitness, and Competition. Jen said for most things I can probably stay in the Fitness category (she even said I have endurance!!) though there might be some things that I need to tone down and stay in Wellness and as we (I) progress through Ignition we'll be able to pin-point those areas.

And then we were ready for our WOD!! It was timed, and we had to do it 3X, with NO break (though if you needed a break you could take one.) Jen turned up the music, set the timer and told us to GO and OFF I WENT!!

I love that I only competed against myself. I now have a time to beat if this workout is ever put back up again. I finished and then a group of ladies was finishing up their WOD and Jen mentioned to me that they usually end their workout with a mile run, so I quickly asked the gals if I could join them, they said yes, and we were off Smile I worked out for 1:26, from warm-up, to climbing up the stairs after the run. And I loved it.

I can't wait to go back. My Ignition #2 is on Friday, and then I'll go back on Saturday for a group WOD,then I'll finish Ignition #3 on Monday and I'll be ready to join in with the regular WOD group! I'm still thinking of what my schedule will be. I LOVE that they have a 9am class every morning which makes it great for me to drop the trio off and head right to the "box" with time to spare. often do you workout (what's it called?? How often do you WOD??) Do you take rest days; do one day CrossFit, one day cardio? What are you training goals with CrossFit??

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  • I don't do CrossFit (yet) but it does sound exciting!
  • Awesome Jenny! I'm excited to see your Crossfit journey! I was going 2x a week, but I think if I'd have gone through an on-ramp type of class, I would have been able to up it to 3x a week without a problem. I am also running in between and right now running 4x a week and CF 3x a week was a bit of a push in schedule Smile
    Just judge it as you go. I'd start 2x and then if you feel good - up the amount to as much as you want!
  • Front squats are weird to start out with - it's a lot about mobility! Elbows up, and I always try to push the bar as far back as I can without choking myself lol. When I started CrossFit I went 3x a week. Now I go 5. I don't get nearly as sore as I used to at the beginning, but some days are still tough. I take rest days when I need it and try to just have fun!
  • I currently do Crossfit BootCamp 2 nights a week, Crossfit WOD I shoot for 3 nights a week and I started lifting only one day a week.  I love love love it!!
  • Looking forward to following your CrossFit journey! I haven't tried it yet, but it looks and sounds so interesting ...
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