Motivation, Self-Determination, and Long Term Weight Control-Come to Jesus Friday

I often get asked "Jenny how do you keep your motivation?" It's been a difficult question to answer, because there is no magic pill. I can't really explain WHY I was able to be so successful and why I continue to be successful. But your questions made me wonder, could there be an answer, and guess what? There just might be, and it's called self-determination and the development of autonomy over behavioral patterns. I love to do research and I came across this super interesting article that I think will help anyone who is struggling with their weight, or wondering about life while maintaining.

You can read it here.

And I do my best to explain what I got from the article in a very condensed version here:

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  • Jenny, thank you so much for your post! I really enjoy all of your resources, especially with attempting to loose my pregnancy weight! But your right there is no magic pill, it's all in finding what works for you! Congrats on all your accomplishments!!
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