The Great Mother's Day 5K

Last year for Mother's Day, my daughters and I celebrated by running in the first annual Great Mother's Day race. It was a crazy day, I remember it quite well. Other than this race which was the highlight of the day, the day totally sucked. We were having car issues, so we were down to one vehicle that day. Ronin had to stay home with daddy (which made him VERY unhappy) and the girls and I had to rush to the race and then rush back home because James needed the truck so he could run up and back to the auto repair shop. We did NOTHING on this day other than the race. NOTHING. I didn't get any presents (and I know, that's not what Mother's Day is all about), no cards, no flowers. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. But what I did get was a fun little race with my two best girls (and then later that afternoon after the car was fixed I went out and bought myself a kick ass Trek road bike for my Mother's Day gift. Tongue Out)

Watching these little athletes (ages 6 1/2 , and 8 at the time of the race) run, and have fun was better than any present (except my Trek road bike Wink.) Ella took it VERY seriously and went out full force and ended up being the first child to cross the finish line. Last year they didn't have divisions for kids her age, but it's my understanding that they will this year.

Last year was a bit challenging because Ella loves to run, and Haley likes to walk. I tried to pace myself so that I was right in the middle of them, but I ended up closer to Ella than Haley, and Haley got upset because she couldn't see me Cry As soon as Ella and I crossed the finish line, we immediately headed back for Haley and cheered Haley across.

This year will be different because all 5 of us will be doing it together, and James will likely walk, so any walking kids can stay back with him.

I love to be able to support our local races, and spend a day being active with my family.

The event organizers of the Great Mother's Day race want you to get out and have fun with your family, too. And they have extended a 10% discount code for you to use when you register on The code is TBBLOG. Click here to sign up!

Children in strollers and ages 7 and under are FREE, so come on out with your kids, and join me and my family! They have pre and post-race water and snacks, water stations along the course and it's in beautiful Al Lopez park. they do support a local charity, there is only race day packet pick-up, so no extra trip needed (which is awesome!!) and there was plenty of parking. And a playground for before/after the race to keep the kids busy!

Hope to see you there!

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  • Jen
    Way to go Ella! I'm excited to do this race this year! I did a different one last year but it was all the way up in Dunedin.  Way to far for this Riverview group. Excited to celebrate Mother's Day morning with you and your fam!
  • That is awesome that you support local races. I think more people need to appreciate what they have in their area and get out and do the same. Participating in races with your children is also a great way to get them involved and introduce them to running. When I was younger my father's fiance use to ask me to participate in races with her. I haven't done one in awhile and I need to get back into it, but I know had it not been for her, I most likely wouldn't ever even considered participating then or now.
  • What a fun thing to do with your kids on Mother's day, and it will be even better with the whole family this year. Car troubles are understandable, but at LEAST a card is needed for every Mom on Mother's day. Hopefully this year will be better for you!
  • I think I may do it this year!  Excited!
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