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  • I love you Jenny. I agree with everything you said. I "only" lost 100 pounds (only, haha), but I also have loose skin. I'm 43, and definitely have the chin waddle. I also have bat wings and loose skin on my lower belly and some on my thighs. I also don't really care. I think some of that definitely comes with age. It's only in the last few years that I have become comfortable wearing tank tops and not caring what other people think about my arms. Loose skin is 100000% better than all the fat. I totally agree that it should not be an "excuse" to stay fat. That's just ludicrous. And as for the lady at Busch Gardens, people are stupid. I would never ask somebody anything about their appearance. You are very confident and didn't care what that woman said to you, but you never know when someone may be sensitive and what you say may really affect them. It's just like when you are pregnant and all the idiots feel like they have the right to comment on your appearance ("you look too small to be XX weeks", or "you look like you have a watermelon in there", or "are you having twins?"...all of which were said to me at one point during my pregnancies) You are awesome.
  • I heard that lose skin can take up to two years to start shrinking? I am not sure though, because like you said - many people do choose surgery to eliminate it. And good job LOL at that lady at Busch Gardens. Why did she need to comment? And yes, lots of people find all sorts of excuses not to journey to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone has challenges.

    I read a motivational graphic the other day. "Working out is difficult. Being overweight is difficult. Choose your difficult." Something like that. It was a good point.

    Have fun on your journey!
  • I love this! Your positive about it and really show what matters is your healthy. Thank you for sharing an uplifting and blunt reflection on the constant loose skin questions. Smile
  • Kat
    Healthy vs magazine ready, healthy wins every time!
  • Great post. Love how real, honest and positive you are. As women its tough not to feel like we need to be focused on certain things, but being healthy and happy trumps anything else!
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