The CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 4

I officially began CrossFit on March 6. Today is March 22, so that means I've been doing it for 16 days. Does that mean I've done it 16 times? No, it does not. Tongue Out I have been following the prescribed pattern of CrossFit which is 3 days on, one day off, etc.

In the 16 days since I started, I have had 2 people that see me on a regular basis comment on how my upper body shape is changing. How my shoulders and arms are looking more toned and I feel physically STRONGER!!

I also started a hybrid of the Virgin and Paleo diets on Monday. Today is day 5 and I've lost 3.5 pounds. The Virgin Diet said 7 pounds in 7 days, but really I'm so okay with not losing 7 pounds in 7 days. I'm just really tweaking what was already a good clean diet, and making it better, and cleaner!

CrossFit has been amazing. I have been consistently challenging myself. Everyone at CrossFit En Fuego is so nice, so helpful, and so freaking motivating!! I've had members offer to make hand grips for me (which I took them up on that offer! Thanks Emily!!), help me with form technique, take pictures Wink and just sit and chat and get to know me. It's a wonderful community of like minded individuals all on the path to a more healthy life.'s workout was something new and challenging for me! Friday is make-up day, so you choose a workout from earlier in the week. I chose to do Thursday's workout since that was my rest day. We did our normal joint mobility, warm-up, and then our skills. Only 2 today. 20 minutes long. One the even number clock time you did one set, and the odd number you did something different.

For Part A I worked with Pete to learn the correct form for the Deadlift. The only deadlifts I had ever done were in Body Pump and in CrossFit they are very different. Took me a few trys, but I got it. Smile

For Part B I chose to deadlift 65#. And I did 8 quick deadlifts, making sure my form was correct. Each set took me about 30 seconds, and then I rested for 30 seconds until the next exercise of double udders unders, or single jumps. We started with the rope, and ended with the deadlift.

I did attempt double udders unders during each set, and I achieved at least one during each 25 second set. And in one set I managed to get 3 IN A ROW!! That's huge for me!

That last picture was an exercise that we did during warm-up and it seriously freaked me out. I kept thinking that I was too big, I was too heavy, and I was going to cause the entire contraption to just flip over and I'd get really hurt. But guess what? I'm not too big, I'm not too heavy, it didn't flip over, and I did it. Tongue Out

Can't wait to see what I do next !!

How about you? How are your workouts going?

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  • Great work! Those are back extensions on the GHD machine, killer. GHD situps are even worse! LOL You're a rock star- keep it up!
  • You're doing so awesome with Crossfit! Back extensions are great! You'll really feel them then next day even though you don't while you're on it Smile
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