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  • That is so interesting. I commend you. I don't think I could do the Whole 30 thing.  

    You whole "moment" brought a tear to my eyes.  You are amazing and so right. No excuses!  Keep plugging on, mama.  Good luck with everything!  You deserve all the opportunities and joy that come your way.  You worked HARD for it.

    BTW...the CAPTCHA code below was "animosisities".  How random is that?!  Weird.
  • Great post! Your honesty is refreshing. Congrats on your goal-o-versary!

    On the tired front - you will feel more energetic soon. I am not familiar with the plan you are on. However I had to go on a yeast/carb free diet due to systemic candidas many years ago & boy I felt like poo during the "die off".  Since you were eating healthy already this is probably not an issue for you, but is the 1st thing I thought of when you mentioned the exhaustion & (later) feeling emotional
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