Meal Planning: Whole30 Week 2

This is Week 2 of the Whole30. I’ve pinned a bunch of Whole30 friendly recipes and I’m ready to share my meal plan with you, but first a quick re-cap of week 1.

Week 1 went okay. I stayed on plan but I’m much more tired than I thought I would be. I didn’t take a nap any day last week, and have been going at my normal pace, but I think not drinking as much coffee is having a greater impact than I thought it would. Doing a WOD first thing in the morning (9am) also seemed to help get the blood flowing and wake me up a bit. It's also been challenging to eat lunch. I have a Pre-workout snack of 2 hard-boiled eggs, go to the box, come home around 10:30am and that's when I have meal 1. And then I have to pick the kids up from school at 3pm, and Whole30 recommends 5-6 hours between meals, so that puts me eating lunch at 3:30ish, but at that time I'm in dinner making mode. I need to figure out a better plan with this because skipping lunch or eating late is not ideal. That would put me eating dinner at 8:30pm, and that's too late. Suggestions needed and welcomed!!

I got some coconut milk, no sugar added, <1g of sugar per serving, so I’m adding that to my coffee starting today! I need my coffee!! And it is also a healthy fat, so WINNING. Week 2 is also supposed to be the week that tiger blood kicks in. I am really looking forward to that. I am planning on doing a little landscaping in the backyard this week, so some extra energy will be much appreciated.

The meals I cooked last week were so good!! James and the kids really liked the burgers, meatballs, and garlic shrimp. I did too. Those were all big hits! I also perfected the hard-boiled egg, so now I'm eating beautifully colored eggs instead of ones that have a grey or green yolk.

I’m craving Italian this week, so I’ve added a couple Whole30 friendly meals with an Italian flavor! Any recipe that calls for beef, I will sub lean ground turkey in its place.

Here is this week’s Whole30 menu:

Monday: Spaghetti Sauce with Zucchini Noodles

Tuesday: Damn Fine Chicken

Wednesday: Garbage Stir-Fry with Curried Cabbage

Thursday: Zucchini Lasagna

Friday: Paleo cauliflower rice with ground turkey and veggies


If you've done the Whole30 how have you worked through some of the issues??

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  • interesting recipes - had to repin that chicken one. Do you like spaghetti squash? It is one of my fave noodle subs
  • I've never used it as a noodle sub! This is going to be a first for me!!
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