Trying to find the words

I am sitting here trying to find the words to explain how I felt when I learned that I'd be running my FIRST Iron Girl race and that I'd be running it WITH my daughter. I am sitting here trying to find the words to explain how I felt when I learned that I was selected as the Athleta Power to the She winner for the Iron Girl race.

But I can't find the words right now. I can't find the words because I'm sitting here playing over in my mind what I've been seeing on the news in regards to the Boston Marathon. Horrible. Awful. Tragedy. 8 year old. My daughter, my runner will be 8 in 3 months. The daughter that ran Iron Girl with me (because runner girl got sick Frown) just turned 9.

My kids come to a lot of my races AND I run a lot of races WITH my kids.

They make me signs and cheer me on.

Sometimes they even have to get up at the crack of dawn to come to a race. But they don't complain. They know how running has changed our lives.

I might not be the fastest runner. I might not ever qualify for a world class event like the Boston Marathon. But I am a runner, and I am raising the next generation of runners. And one little 8yo boy who was at the Marathon supporting and cheering on his father won't get that chance. His 6yo sister and mother were also severely injured in the blast. A 6yo and a 8yo, and their mother, there to cheer on their husband and father. Horrible. Senseless.

I won't stop running. I won't stop bringing my kids to events. I will encourage my kids to keep the pace, to put one foot in front of the other. For all of those who can't, we run for you.

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  • Kat
    these people won't take running or racing away from's just a shame to think of why they'd do such a thing
  • Jen
    So sad Frown Our boys run most of our races with us too. Such evil people out there. I will not let them steal our joy.
  • EXACTLY!  You cannot stop a runner from running.  And yes, we will continue raising a generation of runners to show strength and courage!  Great post!
  • You're so right! The best way to overcome this tragedy is simply hit the road. Keep running!
  • That's right: keep running! I love that you involve your kids in running and will keeping doing that.
  • That last line really got me. Perhaps because I am on a similar page as you. The only thing this horrible event is going to inspire is people like me who never intended to run a race let alone a marathon to start running. It is going to gather people who were strangers before and bring them together to achieve what has been taken away from each other. We can't bring back the people that were lost on Monday or give back the limbs that were taken, but we can give them something more: Our spirit, support, motivation, and will to run for them.
  • I know how you feel. You know my kids and husband have spectated soooo many races (and participated in so many also). It's so tragic. Great to see you guys out there at Iron Girl.
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