Accepting Autism-Come to Jesus Friday

by jennifer19. April 2013 12:26

My son was diagnosed with a form of Autism in 2009. His condition is called PDD-NOS. I'm not sure why, but I didn't really share that he had this condition. I wasn't ashamed, I wasn't embarrassed, it was just private. And then I met a woman who also has a son with Autism. She was vocal, she was honest. She inspired me. And I decided it was time to share with my social media world that my son has Autism.

Tomorrow we officially "come out" as we participate in the Autism Speaks Walk-Tampa Bay: Laps for Logan-Running for Ronin. Ronin and Logan will earn a medal, they will be honored on-stage. It's a big deal.

April is Autism awareness month. I am proud of my son, and throughout this month, I will be sharing Autism inspired posts. We've traveled a long road together; Ronin and I. We have a long road ahead of us, but together, together we can do anything.

1 in 50 are diagnosed with Autism, so odds are that you know someone that has an Autism condition. Do you??

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4/20/2013 3:53:56 PM #

What a great VLOG!!!  I learned alot about Autism by your video.  We are trying to put something together in Hernando County for Autism Awareness. Hope to meet you soon.

Jenn C
Jenn C
4/20/2013 6:06:56 PM #

Thanks for sharing your story! I just did my "coming out" post a couple of weeks ago about my son Alistair being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet today at the walk.

4/22/2013 11:46:05 AM #

This is a very heartfelt and amazing post Jenny! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ronin is one amazing little guy. Logan had a lot of fun with him on Saturday! We will have to get them together to wander around Brooker Creek one day or something Smile <3

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