Whole 30: Week 3

Monday starts week 3 (day 15) of the Whole 30. It's gone very very very well. Very well. I have had NO slip-ups. I've been drinking all my water, remembering my fish oil, eating my 3 meals and some days I do have snacks, but I make sure that they all contain a healthy fat, carb, and protein. Last night my husband commented on my waistline and belly "Jenny, you really look like you have lost some weight there girl!" Smile I am feeling amazing and can easily see myself making this the Whole365. I've had comments about my glowing skin, and I just feel more firm throughout my body. This is a super recent picture (like today!! LOL)

I'm anxious to see my results in 2 more weeks! James and I sat down and attempted to work out a food budget, so this week, I am using up some frozen meats, and focusing on only buying fresh produce to fill in the gaps. Haley also has three consecutive nights of Cheerleading practice as she gears up for her 2nd competition THIS Saturday!!

Here is this week's meal plan:

Monday: Garbage Stir-Fry with Curried Cabbage

Tuesday:  Paleo cauliflower "rice" w/ ground turkey & veggies

Wednesday: Turkey Soup Provencal

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Stuffed Zucchini with Ground Turkey

Yes, it's a lot of ground turkey. Actually, I think it's all ground turkey. I have 5 pounds in the freezer and we love it, so why not??

What's on your menu this week? What's the healthiest thing you are cooking up??

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  • Great job on your success and good luck on getting rid of all that turkey!! ;)
  • Kat
    Good luck you're doing great so far!
  • You are doing so great and you are looking fantastic!  The menu looks pretty good this week.  Gotta love anything with the word "garbage" in it.  lol  I had a delicious garbage plate in NYC last summer. No joke!  It wasn't paleo, but it was some really good garbage! :-D
  • Awesome job! You look great! Week 3 was a long week for me. I realized how much I don't think about what I eat normally. I make generally good choices, but too often I go for what is easiest or requires the least amount of effort. Being aware will help me change that after my 30 days are up.
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