Music Monday: Closer to Fine

I've been talking to a lot of people lately about the choices I had to make when I first started on my weight loss and fitness journey. People are so curious how I managed to lose 212lbs and be able to keep it off for 2 years, and counting!

Here's my trick. I continue to learn, to tweak, to improve. There is NO one way to do something. We all need to keep growing, keep seeking, keep learning.

I can help you, just ask. But realize that what worked for ME, might not be the right choice for YOU. You need to find your own path. I can walk it WITH you, but I can not walk it FOR you.


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  • How inspiring, Jenny!  I am on this same path myself - two years ago I started Weight Watchers and lost 30 pounds over the course of four months.  Then life turned upside down and I didn't cope well.  Now here it is two years later, and I am right back where I started (almost).  It is so much harder to get going this time than it was before.  I guess because I'm still not motivated enough to do whatever it takes to get back there.  

    I am amazed that you have managed to lose so much, keep it off, AND look as hot as you do!  I am afraid that I will have saggy arms, boobs, thighs, and the dreaded mother's apron no matter how much I lose.  

    Please share your story with me.  What worked for you?  I am finding that I can not do Weight Watchers this time around, as I am watching every penny.  Same with gym membership, though I definitely can exercise at home.  As for eating, I am just trying my best to slim down favorite recipes and make better choices.  

    Weigh to go, girl!  

    And good MM selection, too.  I saw them back in '89 when they opened for R.E.M. Smile
  • Wow, I just saw your pictures and that's amazing!  I use to be 282 lbs. and I was given a choice to live with pain or lose the weight to lessen it.  I'm now 238 lbs.  It's taken me a long time being as I cannot exercise the way I'd like too. I have Spinal Stenosis.  What I'd like to ask you is what do you do with excess skin???  I hate my arms and never go sleeveless. Frown  Anyway Thanks for joining us at Monday's Music Moves Me and sharing your wonderful song choice.  I hope you come back again soon!
  • Did you know that this is one of my favorite songs?  It's so uplifting.

    It's so true.  Whenever we longing for direction or answers, things just seem to come clear.  You have an amazing drive and determination.  You deserve all the good things that come your way.
  • I agree about trying new ways and growing as life is not one size fits all.

    Thanks for sharing your music with us. Very nice.

    Have a blessed week!
  • WOW, you lost 212 pounds? And, you've kept it off - that's very impressive. You don't hear success stories like that too often. Way to go, girl!

    You're so right, what works for one person may not work for another. You just gotta find your own way, always fighting, and never ever give up. We have only one body, one life. That's reason enough to win the battle.

    It's having you on the dance floor with the Monday's Music Moves Me crew another week, my friend. I hope you have a musical, fun week ahead!
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