May The Fourth Be With You

May 4th is Star Wars Day!! It falls on a Saturday this year which means once we've exhausted the kids from playing all day, we'll snuggle up on the couch and begin a Star Wars Marathon. We'll watch them in order which the kids will find entertaining because they always notice how the cinematography changes, and they love to point it out to us. Cause you know us old folks don't notice stuff like that.

My family LOVES Star Wars. The kids know the music, the composer, can listen to a track and tell you from which film it came from.

We each have our favorite characters and our reasons why we love them!

James-Darth Vader (because really all six movies are about Darth Vader)

Jenny-Master Jedi Yoda (he has the deepest sayings!!)

Haley-Darth Vader (he's cool!!)

Ella-Darth Vader (he's SOOOOOO cool!)

Ronin-Chewbacca (he's strong)

Disney's Hollywood Studios even has a special Star Wars day and while we don't go (we don't do crowds....) they also run Star Wars weekends throughout May/June, so I'm hoping we can make it up this year. We've done it once before back in 2008, and it was super hard on us. This was right around the time when I knew that something was "up" with Ronin and everything (and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.) was a trigger for my little dude. I think we lasted at the park like 2 hours MAX and we spent a small fortune to get in, and Disney wouldn't help us out at all with a refund, or return tickets or anything which was very disappointing, and honestly kinda burned me on the whole Disney thing. But now that we have a diagnosis and are eligible for special needs ticketing, Disney might be worth another go??!! 

We totally love everything Star Wars.

James plays dress-up:

And though I have DOZENS of Star Wars shirts, this one is my favorite:

Even the dog LOVES Star Wars!!


It was awesome to see some of the Star Wars characters out at the Autism Speaks Walk in Tampa in April, 2013.

I have so many more photos I can share, but I think you get it. We love Star Wars.


Do you love Star Wars? Which character is your favorite? Which episode is your fave??


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  • So glad you posted-I forgot that we had a marathon of movies planned for Saturday too!

    The girls' favorite part has always been the music. They love to fall asleep to it. No real favorite characters because they hone in on the music so much.

    Question on Disney. We are making our first ever trip in October. What would I need to take with me to get special passes for Scharae? Just a statement from her doctor or do they have forms to fill out?
  • Jen
    Would you believe it if I told you I've never seen any of the Star Wars. I know I know. Nathan has taken a liking to SW out of nowhere. I need to get with the program!
  • I'm not sure on all the details about the special needs pass for Disney, Tif. Their website is pretty vague and I've had mixed reviews from some folks on an Autism board that I belong to. Let me ask a friend who had used it recently.
  • kat
    Haha Jaeden dressed up as Darth pug one year...his snorting was cuter than heavy breathing ;)
  • My family used to watch the Star Wars movie together all of the time but I haven't seen them in a while. I think I'm with Ronin that Chewbacca is the best!
  • We are going to May the Fourth at Hollywood Studios on Saturday!!!! WE ARE SO STOKED!!!!!
    So...yes, I love Star Wars.
    Big Yoda fan. Pretty much any Jedi.
    A New Hope is definitely my favorite.

    Thanks for being awesome!
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