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  • Tif
    You know I've been in your boat with both girls. And am there again with Scharae-also with the ADOS and just all new updated testing. It hit me hard on Tuesday, came out of the blue. Like you I had become comfortable with the PDD-NOS and how our little family was running. Obviously nothing has changed but I worry about having to become comfortable with a new word. And restarting the intense caseload of appointments again. And just making this all work as well as we have been up until now.

    How did I handle it? I tweaked. Well, not really. But I felt like I was. I had her with me so I couldn't get all the info I wanted. And I also couldn't fall apart like I wanted. Part of me couldn't wait to get her back to school so I could and another part of me wanted to just take her and run away.  But I didn't. I fell apart at bedtime. And basically most of Wednesday. Went for a very long run and cried and kicked things. And then, I worked on letting it go and changing my perspective!
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