Becoming MetamorFit

I started this blog in November, 2012. It's officially 6 months old TODAY! A lot has happened in that 6 month time period. A lot.

I've been a featured blogger on many influential websites, I've been invited to VIP events, I've had some of the "big names" in social media follow me on Twitter and other social media platforms, and I've had the opportunity to come in contact with some really great National brands. From Polar to Skora Running shoes, FeeturesAthleta and Iron Girl, I have been humbled by the companies that want to work with me.  Locally, I am honored to be working with CrossFit En Fuego, and Sweet Tomatoes.


I've also been asked to act as an Ambassador to some pretty great organizations:

Dirty Girl

Fit Fluential

Girls Gone Sporty

Go TRIbal

Gwynnie Bee


Pretty Muddy

Sweat Pink


And of course, I've been awarded the Athleta Power to the She Award, and the Project Athena Foundation Keys Race to Recovery grant. And I also appear as a regular contributor on our local CBS affiliate, News 10 WTSP.


ALL of this has happened since November.


But I'm telling you all of this because there is so much more that could have happened. I could have sold out. I had numerous companies contact me asking if I would "pimp" (for lack of a better word) their brand. I could have made money. Possibly a lot of money.

But I declined.

Why? Because I am AUTHENTIC! MetamorFit is more to me than just a name. It's my brand. It's what I represent. Whatever I write about needs to tie to my “about.” If it doesn’t, then it's not authentic, and I won't do it.

It took 6 MONTHS to get my brand logo designed. 6 MONTHS! It's beautiful and I love it, and it was worth the wait!


It was custom designed by Raffi with RDesigns and it didn't take her 6 months to design it, it took me 4 months to realize I needed a brand logo, and it took Raffi and I two months to tweak, re-tweak, scrap, start over, tweak, re-tweak, get it perfect! She was so patient with me. I needed my logo to represent what MetamorFit meant to me. For YEARS I felt like a butterfly trapped in a cocoon. And when I broke free of that casing, I emerged strong, empowered, and beautiful. I had a metamorphosis and became MetamorFit.

I will always remain authentic. I will not sell out. You will never see me reviewing something that I wouldn't eat, try, or use on myself or my family.


What do you think of my new logo? Are there any topics you'd like to see me discuss on my blog or Facebook fan page?? I went "social" to try to help as many people as I could find their path to health and wellness through fitness and clean eating, so I do this for YOU. What can I do to help you become MetamorFit?

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  • Jenny, I love, love, love your new logo. It's totally you. I can't believe how much has happened in the six months since you started your blog. You are amazing and I am so glad you decided to share your story and continued journey with us. Have a great weekend!
  • I think your logo is perfect representation of MetamorFit! I am glad to have found your blog, it keeps me inspired Smile
  • Tif
    I love your new logo! It is awesome. Very visual and captures what you've done and felt and beomce and what so many women (and men, i'm sure) out there desire!

    And I'm glad you're not a sell-out! Tong
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