CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 9

Let's start off by showing you my hands. Yes, I over exposed this photo ON PURPOSE so you could see my callouses. They are coming along quite nicely Tongue Out I did start wearing weight lifting gloves after I ripped them open a few weeks ago but that was mainly to keep MRSA from invading my body since I had quite a few people tell me that it was a possibility. Better to be safe than sorry. But despite wearing gloves, I continue to get hard hands. Though I have been doing a lot of gardening and using the wooden handled shovel is also hard on my hands. But it's all good. Really. I feel STRONG!

I use my hands A LOT! Every time I workout at CrossFit, I also row. I certainly feel it on my hands when I row. I row a minimum of 2000m, though a few days this past week I did 3000m.

Working out at CrossFit EnFuego is a lot of fun!

And do you notice the C.R.A.Z.Y. workout posted on the board. Saturday is ALWAYS partner day (and it's also a CrossFit Kids day, and my gang will be starting that next week) and today's partner workout consisted of....

  • 100 double udders unders. Which would have meant 50 each. But we chose to do single jumps, so we EACH did 150 single jumps.
  • 90 Goblet Squats. A squat where you hold something heavy. We chose a 25lb weight. We each did 45 squats. The last 10 were H.A.R.D. made harder because we did many many many minutes of wall squats in our warm-up.
  • 80 Hand Release Push-Ups. Ouch. 40 each.
  • 70 Ring Rows. 35 each. Totally do-able, though challenging.
  • 60 Knees to Elbows Boobies. This was the hardest of all the "stations" for me.
  • 50 box jumps. I used a 12" box. I'm ready to go higher next time box jumps are on the workout. This is a BIG victory for me. Cool
  • 40 wall balls. I used a 15lb ball. Challenging, but do-able.
  • 30m wheelbarrow. This hurt my back and we did more than we needed to do.
  • 20 tire flips
  • 10 100m sprints

And we were done! We finished in 36:28 minutes. And we did a bit more than we needed to do, so our time would have been a little less if we didn't do as many wheelbarrows.

Knees to boobies are just so hard for me! I used this box to reach the bar, and honestly I think that made it a bit harder because every time I came back down I ended up standing on the box and losing my momentum. I just didn't think I could have jumped up and grabbed the bar, but I need to trust myself because thinking back, I KNOW I could have reached the bar. Undecided

This was the 2nd time I did the tire flip and since there were so many of us out there flipping I ended up with a lighter tire than I would have chosen for myself. I could have gone heavier. I like tire flips!

And then we sprinted!! Each team had to do 1000m with each partner doing 500m and it could be done any way we chose. We decided to do 100m at a time. It was fine. No problem. My knee (IT band issues) was fine :)

I wore my new(er) Skora Running shoes today and I just L.O.V.E. them! They are so lightweight and really help me feel more stable on the box floor, are great for rowing, and are so comfortable when I run. And super easy to put on and take off with the velcro strap.

And I did finish up today's workout with a 2300m row. I wanted to get home to my family since this was my first Saturday where I wasn't running a kid to a competition or game since FEBRUARY!!

I'm really excited about Monday's workout. It will be the SAME workout we did one month ago, so I'll be able to see if I've made any progress!! EEK!! Excited and a bit intimidated! I'll report back!


How are you doing with your workouts? What are you most proud of this week??


**Disclosure** Skora Running provided me with a free pair of shoes for me to try and review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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  • Cool name for a box, "En Fuego"! CrossFit definitely almost always requires you to lift or use your hands and although it does hurt sometimes, its kind of fun to have physical proof of the hard work you put into an exercise. Great job sticking to CrossFit and kicking butt!
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