Music Monday: I Hope You Dance

With Mother's Day 6 days away, I chose my Music Monday song in honor of the three little people who made me a mother; Haley, Ella, and Ronin. They inspire me, motivate me, encourage me, fill my heart with so much love and joy, and drive me a little bit crazy. I will never forget a quote that my mom had on her fridge when I was growing up. It said INSANITY IS HEREDITARY, I GOT IT FROM MY CHILDREN.



Whenever I hear this song, I think of my children and I hope that they know that they have made me a better person, and as I guide them on this crazy path of life, I always hope that they never lose that sense of wonder.



And in keeping with another Music Monday theme "A song with a name of a person in the title or lyrics" I chose....8675309/Jenny. Tongue Out You can always turn to me. I will never change my number.

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  • Great song choice!  You are an incredible person!  Your kids already recognize you for the supermom you are! Happy Mother's Day! xox
  • This is  truly a beautiful song and I Hope You Dance is my children's theme song for life. As mothers, we know life has a way of melting away and every second needs to be savored. Thanks for sharing  your lovely tune pick with the 4M crew!
  • I Hope You Dance is so timeless and fitting with Mother's Day just around the corner.
  • I've always loved the Le Anne Womack song. Its a great feel me good song to belt out! And a god one for the iPod on an exercise/run playlist.
  • Love "I hope you dance" for so many different reasons!  I could listen to it all day!  I thought your next song was by Rick Springfield.  Oh boy, am I losin' it or what.  Thanks for joining us today!  You're rockin' the house today for sure.  YOU ROCK!
  • i love this song, mommy.
  • I love that song and it does represent so much.

    Lovely choices.

    Have a great week!
  • Love the songs!  I didn't think of the Jenny song.  Smile
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