Get a Massage-Giveaway

I have a wonderful giveaway for a local reader!! Debbie Forbes Massage & Yoga has given me a 60 MINUTE gift certificate to give to one of my lucky readers Smile I wish it was me that was getting the massage! I'm jealous of you already! Tongue Out


What do you have to do to win? It's easy!!

Like Debbie on Facebook and tell her that I sent you over


Leave a comment on THIS post telling me if you would use the massage for yourself or gift it to someone else.


And that's IT! I'll pick a winner on Tuesday May 14th.

The certificate expires November 1, 2013 and you need to be local to win, OR if you have a family member that is local, that's okay too. She has 2 locations; one in Lutz, and another in St. Pete/Tierra Verde.

Good luck!!

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  • I would totally use this for me. Selfish, but I could use it before marathon training begins at the end of June!

    FYI: I'll be on a cruise next week so I won't be able to see if I won until I come back (May 18) :]
  • Beka, not selfish at all!! I'd totally use it for me, too! Smile
  • Oh my gosh, do I ever need this. I have a crazy itchy dog which means lack of sleep for me while we figure out what is making him itchy. Operation Cleaning happening in my house right now. Major stress at work. Yes, I need this massage badly. Please and thank you. Smile
  • With three kids of my own, I know you know I so desperately need a massage.  The tension in my shoulders and neck is unreal.  Plus, I ran two marathons this year and needed a massage in my recovery.  I am long overdue!
  • I can always use a massage especially now since I'm teaching 1st grade!  LOL  I carry all my tension in my shoulders and neck.
  • Ummm, I would totally use this on myself! Pick me, pick me Smile
  • I would so use this for myself - I'd like to say I'd be more generous, but I can't lie...
  • I would have to say I would use it on myself. I sooo need it right now too!
  • I would use it for me! I have never had a full massage at a spa and I really need it right now. My neck and back are killing me!!
  • Jen
    Another ME! I am running a stressful consulting company, carrying a very attached toddler whenever I'm not working, and carrying another baby who will be born in November. Those lovely preggo hormones really mess with my back and neck. Last pregnancy, I think I got more massages while I was pregnant than I did in the rest of my life combined! It's a life-saver!
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