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10. May 2013 13:45
by jennifer

Accomplishment-Come to Jesus Friday

10. May 2013 13:45 by jennifer | 4 Comments


I've had a lot of new accomplishments recently; some small, some not so small. But it reminds me that I am so much more than just a number on the scale.



What have you accomplished lately that you are proud of?? Share it with me!!

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Heather Johnson

My biggest accomplishment lately is continuing to work on my two main websites. The one I had put off working on for so long, but I am back to posting once a day.


So happy for you! All of your accomplishments are amazing! You are rockin it girlfriend! So blessed to call you my friend.

Suzi Satterfield

I'd say my biggest accomplishment would be increasing the amount of assistance that my chapter of Cloth for a Cause is giving to those in need. Smile

Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine

You are on FIRE! I am so proud of you. NSV's are huge, we are not a number on the scale. I have had several lately myself. I'm running my entire runs the past week and a half, and I am loving what I see in the mirror. It's a huge deal to NOT be mad or upset or irritated when you get dressed and hate what you see in the mirror. And, I am feeling really good in my skin. So, I am also feeling accomplished. Oh and congrats on the speaking gig at Mahaffey. I want to go! Smile

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