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20. May 2013 14:48
by jennifer

Hearing is Believing-A vlog review of Koss Stereophones

20. May 2013 14:48 by jennifer | 1 Comments

I had the opportunity to try out two different pair of Koss Stereophones. I decided to do my review in a Vlog format :)

What type of headphones do you wear when you workout? Do you have funky ear holes (is that even a word??) like I do and have trouble finding earbuds that fit?!?

Koss is also having a $5 off code (which is also good for FREE shipping) Just go to and use the code Fit4Life.

The ones that I really liked are called "Fit Clip."

 I liked these a lot!!

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My daughter is looking for some good quality headphones since she plays several musical instruments. Sounds like a good pair. Thank you for the info!

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