Get Fit Giveaway!!

I am so excited to be able to bring to you all some of my favorite brands together in ONE GIANT GIVEAWAY!!

One thing you guys should know about me by now is that I only give away products that I use and LOVE. Everything that I give to my readers has to be something that I would either eat myself, use myself, or give to my family.

Without further a-do, here is the list of brands that are participating!!

Allied Medal Display

I received a medal display for my kids. It's very well made, heavy and sturdy and big enough that they can all share it! They LOVE it!! And EVERYONE needs a place to hang their bling.

Bondi Band

I can't say enough good things about Bondi Band. My friend Raffi over at Digital Running introduced me to them in February and now I wear nothing else!! They keep the hair back, the sweat out of my eyes, they are light weight, super cute and fashionable, and in the cold months, I can pull them down over my ears. Love my Bondi Bands!

Cacao7 Low Carb Chocolates

Oh Yum!! If we have chocolate in our house it has to be a high quality DARK chocolate. These low carb dark chocolates fit the bill perfectly!! OMG, they were so good. And dark. 3 pieces is a serving size, and they are 70% cocoa, so really you probably can't handle more than 3 because it is a bitter chocolate when it's that high of a % but if satisfies the sweet craving and hits the spot! So good!

Energy Bits

I received one tin of bits to try out. The one tin lasted me two days. I did feel some extra surges of energy, so they would probably be great for a pre-workout fuel, or to get out of an afternoon slump!


You all know I LOVE my Feetures! I have all different colors and styles, and they are all awesome! They hug my foot so snugly, and I never have to worry about blisters or the toes bunching up! Love them!


This was a new product to me and I LOVED it!! It fits snuggly around my hips and with 2 zipper pockets, one in the front and one in the back, I was able to go out with the puppy and the kids HANDS FREE!! My phone fit in one pocket and my lip gloss, and Simply Snackin' goodies for the trio fit in the other pocket! I love my FitFannyPack and I know you will too!!


What can I say about Polar? They changed my life. They are providing a Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4 as well as a drawstring bag, a shirt, a hat, a water bottle, stickers and tattoos.

PRO Compression Socks

Wow. These socks were awesome. I've been doing a lot of rowing, and my calves have been tight and I've been coming home from CrossFit and putting these on as I do more chores around the house. They've been working great to relieve the soreness in my calf muscles. I can't wait to actually try them on a run!

Road ID

LOVE my Road ID. My husband is very protective of me and worries when I head out cycling or running. Wearing my Road ID gives him a piece of mind that if something should happen to me, a good samaritan would be able to contact him. I am also thinking about getting a set of these for my trio. Now that they are racing on their own (though I am IN the same race, they are at a different pace than me, so we get separated) this would be a great way for someone to be able to contact me if the kids for whatever reason couldn't connect with me at the finish line, or if they experienced cramps, etc., along the race course. Also great for amusement parks!!

Shower Pill

I keep these in my car.  After CrossFit I can be quite stinky LOL but that doesn't mean I am done with my outings! I might have to run to the store, so I rip open a shower pill and clean up the best that I can. They work great!

Simply Snackin

Oh my. What can I say about Simply Snackin? SUCH GOOD JERKY!! Seriously good. Wholesome ingredients, low calorie, high protein. Awesome. I took some paddleboarding and it was a great snack for the trio! They also love it as an after school snack. Seriously good stuff, guys!!

This is going to be a Rafflecopter Giveaway!! Easy to enter and only ONE PERSON IS GOING TO WIN!! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • These are all AWESOME products!  What a great giveaway!
  • Would love to win this - so many products I'd love to try, but the Bondi bands, the Feetures, the FitFannyPack and the RoadID are the ones I'm most interested in..

    Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway!
  • I am excited about the medal display!!
  • Wow-wow-wow!!!  Thanks for offering such amazing product
    recommendations and give-always!!  <3
  • I think the compression socks and Feetures would be my top two pics.  Smile  
  • Wow! That's a lot of goodies!!!  Perfect stuff for the gal (me!) who's only just beginning her healthy life Smile
  • That's a pretty impressive list of prizes! I'm not certain which I'm most excited about. Maybe the chocolates? FitFannyPack? RoadID?
  • Awesome stuff - would love to win the Bondi Band!
  • Looks like a lot of cool products I'd love to try! Smile
  • I'd love to win the Allied Medal Display, as I just ran my first 1/2 marathon on Saturday and now have a medal to display.  All of the prizes sound amazing and honestly, I'd be thrilled with anyone of them.  The socks sounds pretty amazing, too.  Thank you!  
  • Thank you so so much for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. I am a huge fan of Bondi band, pro compression and would love to try out allied medals!  I just got my mother a polar watch for her birthday but haven't given it to her yet. Hope I win Smile
  • They all sound wondeful.
  • Thank you for your great giveaways. I would love to win the polar! I have been researching them for awhile and am I waiting for money not to be so tight before I can get one!
  • I think everything sounds awesome but curious about trying a Polar.
  • Would love to win this! Most excited about Polar!
  • Congrats! on the 3000+ followers on Facebook!  I know I enjoy your posts there and on your blog!  Smile
  • What a great giveaway, Jenny! You are such an inspiration. xoxo
  • Awesome giveaways! Love the low carb chocolates!
  • I am currently in the process of losing 55 more lbs! 45 down already! All of these products look amazing and I would love to try them out!!
  • I think they all sound great but the fanny pack and the Polar are the 2 catching my eye!
  • I am most excited about the road ID and Bondi Band!
  • Wow!  Such great loot!  What an amazing give away!
  • Thanks for the opportunity to try these great products!
  • What awesome products!

    I'm most excited about whatever Polar is giving, the Bondi Band, and Feetures!

    Fantastic stuff, Jenny!  Smile
  • I am so excited to try them all-I am returning to running after a year off and would love to try all the products, incentive to run and try new things!  No favorite yet but would be more then willing to let you know!!
  • Great giveaway!  I would love to try these products
  • Holy cow! What an awesome giveaway!  Thanks for offering up so many amazing products for one of us to win. Smile
  • Love my bondi band. Could use lots more!!
  • Oops, forgot to answer the question.  The product I'm most excited to try would be either the Feetures socks or the medal display.  
  • I would love to win, especially the compression socks! I've always wanted to try them, but will never part with the $.
  • What an awesome giveaway
  • Actually excited about the Shower Pill.. heard a lot of people these and it would be great to have for when I do lunch-break runs!
  • I'd love to win any of these prizes! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Smile
  • Either the Allied medal display or something from Polar.
  • Polar, followed by the PRO compression socks.
  • Would love another pair of Pro Compression socks. I'm pretty biased in favor of ENERGYbits, but I certainly don't need to win them Smile
  • I am excited about all of the prizes, but I really could use compression socks!
  • Oh my goodness- so much to choose from!  But I think it's the feetures! and energybits I'm geeking out most about!
  • I would love to win the Polar item. I have a Garmin but would like something to track heart rate and calories.
  • The compression socks!
  • Most excited?! Hmm I would have to say anything from Polar! Such an awesome giveaway!
  • Thanks for offering such a fantastic giveaway!! I'm intrigued by several of the products..but I am really interested in the RoadID! Hope I win!
  • Everythong sounds awesome but the compression socks sound the best to me si nce I have issues with my feet which can cause days of missed workouts.
  • What an amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone!
  • More FEETURES!!! Love my Feetures. But I think I'm most excited about the road ID or the Bondi Band!
  • I am most excited about the medal display. I keep saying Brian and ALice each need one!
  • I would love to try these products! Going to check out the products I haven't heard of!
  • They all so awesome but I'm excited about the Bondi Band!
  • Probably the Allied Medal Display or the Polar prize! Great giveaway!
  • I have found so much inspiration from your site!  Thanks for all you do!! Smile
  • i am excited about all of them. they sound great
  • I am most excited about the fanny pack!  I never have enough pockets when I try to workout with kid in tow.
  • Road ID would be so awesome! I have sport hives so this would make me feel better when I sm out running!
  • What great goodies! I've heard great things about the fitbits. Someone is definitely going to be very lucky!
  • This giveaway looks amazing!!! SO many things I like - it's as though you read my mind!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!! Peace,
  • All of them!! I would love to have a RoadID though. I know my husband would like that too!
  • Such a wonderful list of sponsors!!!!! Several of whom I love already and several I would love to try!
  • That is a list of some AMAZING things to give away!!!
  • You are such an inspiration...great list of giveaways!!
  • I think the Road ID would be great to win. Tired of carrying around a photo copy of my drivers license. Always end up in the wash Smile
  • I'm most excited about the Allied medal display.
  • Wow -this is an awesome giveaway! I've been dying to try compression socks on a long run...
  • New follower via Journey of a Dreamer. WOW - that is alot of stuff! what a nice is hoping!  
  • Everything looks great, but I would be most excited by the feetures.  The colors are awesome.
  • I think I am most excited about something from Polar, I have been eyeing stuff on their website for a while now!
  • New follower via Journey of a Dreamer. WOW - that is alot of stuff! what a nice is hoping!  
  • I would love to win!!! Love the chocolate & love idea of the Bondi Bands!! So many great things listed here!! Crossing my fingers!!! Smile
  • Such an awesome giveaway!
  • Oops, forgot to tell you my favorite product of the giveaway! I'm excited about the Pro compression socks!
  • Wow! Do I have to pick just one I'd like to win? Compression socks, metal display or bondi band!
  • I'm excited about the fit fanny pack. I hate when I have change clothes because I have no pockets when I am taking an impromptu walk with the dogs.
  • I am not sure which one interests me the most, they all sound amazing so it is really hard to choose.
  • I'm most excited about the polar,and the energybitd.
  • I would love the EnergyBits or anything from Polar! Smile Wait, do I see compression socks?!?!?
  • YAY!! I just entered! Thanks for putting this together!
  • This is so exciting!! What a great giveaway!
  • I'm excited about Allied Medal Displays, Feetures! and Polar!
  • I love  Bondi Bands too!  I would love to win some of these other goodies!!
  • I'm most excited about the bling holder!!!
  • There are alot of great products!  I would love to win!
  • Would love to win everything but particularly the FitFannyPack and the compression socks!
  • Honestly, I can't just pick one.. I would love to win it all.  Such great products girl!
  • Anything from Polar or the Bondi Band
  • Lea
    woah! huge giveaway! I am excited about it all, but I'd say the medal hanger! woohoo! wish me luck!
  • All this stuff looks awesome, but the Energy Bits and the Shower Pill are my special faves!
  • I am most excited about the Polar!!! I've got a FitBit and a Body Media, but I don't have an HRM.
  • Oh my gosh amazing!
  • I'm excited for everything!
  • I would be excited to win any one of those fun things!!!
  • I need a road ID.
  • I'd like to win....EVERYTHING! The FitFanny Pack has piqued my interest most. I Love Bondi Bands... Been using them for a couple of years, they recamazing😄
  • What an awesome giveaway!! I am super excited about the headband!!
  • I have shortish hair that I can barely scrape into a ponytail, but it's so thick it makes me hot if I leave it down. So, I'd LOVE to win the Bondi Bands!
  • Lots of great products I'd love to try!
  • I'm most excited about the Road ID or the Compression socks.
  • first time entering, and still a newbie to fitness/health, so I'd be excited for anything on the list Smile
  • I would have to say the Medal Display, Fit Fanny Pack or compression socks would be my top 3 that would be AMAZING to win!!
  • Deb
    I think the whole pkg sounds great, but I would most love the compression socks or the fitnfanny pack!
  • Polar and chocolate ... what a great combination!
  • Wow, would love anything from Polar, though I think I truly need a bonding many great things!
  • Would love the compession socks or the Polar!!!  But all are awesome
  • I would love to win the road ID!
  • Congrats for hitting 3,000 facebook fans!  I'm so lucky to have found your blog at the beginning of the year.  Thank you for your inspiration!!!!
  • I am excited about the PRO compression socks. Especially since my calfs always hurt when I go hiking or do any kind of exercise. I'm so out of shape these would be amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Any of these products would be great to win!!!!!
  • Jen
    I'm most excited about the compression socks!
  • Some great products. As a dieter myself, the Simply Snackin looks really interesting. Love Jerky, it makes such a great snack for me, especially when on the go.
  • The polar. I been praying for a way to get one and this would be awesome to win!
  • What an awesome giveaway! I could really use everything! I am most excited for the bondi band and pro compression socks Smile
  • Congrats on the anniversary!
    I just got my polar thanks to your suggestions.  
  • Feetures socks. I am always looking for a way to combat the blisters!
  • Wow, so many products in one give away that I've been longing to try! Everything you need to get out there and rock your workout!
  • I want a pair of pro compression socks SO bad!
  • Jo
    I would love anything from polar! This is an awesome give away!
  • I'm most excited about the Bondi band since I've been looking for something better for my hair and the compression socks sound fabulous!! Thanks for the opportunity Jenny!
  • I would love to win the compression socks, but a hr monitor from Polar would be the icing on my cake no doubt!
  • Kim
    I'm most excited about the Road ID. I've been wanting one for quite sometime. What a great opportunity!!
  • The food! Jerky, cacao and energy bits? Sold!
  • Pick me pick me!!! (Waves hand in air) as a new runner there are so many products that you are giving away that I can't wait to try. I will be doing my first half marathon later this year and would put the swag to good use.
  • The item from Polar.   I hope it's a heart rate monitor.    Thank you.
  • I would love to win ANY of the products!  I could really really use the compressions socks though!  Thanks!!
  • The pro compression socks! I'm training for a marathon and could really use theseSmile
  • Some products I've never heard of, but now I must try!
  • I would LOVE the FitFannyPack and the Bondi Band  and pretty much everything in this giveaway!!  Thanks  Smile
  • I think you are so fabulous to share all the things that helped you improve your life! I think I'm most excited for the medal display! My medals are getting tired of hanging on a doorknob...they want a place to SHINE!! Smile
  • Wow, I would love Anything from any of these.  But I would really like some compression socks!
  • What amazing prizes!!!! Getting rewarded for exercising and eating healthy makes me work even harder. Thank you for making that possible Smile
  • Which product are you most excited about winning?

    I am most excited about winning the medal display and fitfannypack! I really hope I win Smile
  • Oh my I would be so blessed to receive your awesome giveaway!!! Looking forward to reading your blog from now on and sending people ur way!!!
  • I am most excited about the FitFannyPack!!!
  • I can't pick just one item I am excited about winning!!  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE several of the feetures socks are the BOMB...and don't even get me started on my Bondi Band   (ALTHOUGH---my saying is not as awesome as the "my happy pace" one that I want to WIN!!)....I have been eyeing several polar items as well as a road seems like this prize package was put together JUST FOR ME!!  (Hint, Hint!!)  Thanks for giving me the opportunity!
  • This list is AUUUUUUMAZING!
  • I'm most excited about the medal hanger.  I have mine just sitting on a dresser now in a tub (and it's getting full after 9 years of racing). ;)
  • Amazing giveaway but more importantly amazing job on your health!
  • Awesome products! Love the fitfannypack and the bondi band.
  • What a great giveaway!!!!!  I NEED a polar bad! Smile
  • Would love a FitFanny Pack, but all the other stuff sounds great too!
  • I'm excited to see what polar will offer and a few of these products I've been wanting to try so bad, but I just haven't had the extra money to purchase. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
  • Woot! So many great items! Love the Fit Fanny Pack!
  • This giveaway is awesome!  I like them all.
  • i'm excited about the fit fanny pak, and the surprise polar (HRM?)
  • I'm most excited about winning a Fitfannypack!
  • I think I'm most excited about the Fit Fanny Pack! I've been wanting something to carry my gels and electrolytes, and that looks like it would be perfect!
  • All the products sound amazing , I've been looking for a polar for a while now so that's the one thing I'm most excited about, but I love how you describe everything makes me wish I had them in front of me right now to try them
  • Awesome giveaway!
  • I love bondi bands, so of course I'd love those! I also would like a pair of compression socks and anything from polar... so many great things!!
  • This giveaway looks great!! Thanks!!!
  • Sooooo hard to choose!  I love many and am excited to try a few that are new to me.  I have to say the polar might have me the most excited.   I've wanted one for a lo g time and it never seems to be in the "mom" budget!
  • I am most excited about the Compression socks and Bondi Bands!! This is an awesome giveaway !!
  • I am excited about the chocolates lol! Fitfanny pack sent me!
  • Great loot in this giveaway.  Would like the Polar and also the fitfannypack the most.
  • What a great giveaway...I love the medal display!!  And the fitfannypack!!
  • I am excited about them all. I've been on my weight loss get fit journey for a year and it would great to have some of these things to help with the rest of my journey.
  • Those sound like some awesome giveaways!! I would love to get some of those for sure Smile
  • This is an awesome giveaway. All of the prizes look amazing. I am on a weight loss journey as well as finding my muscles. Good luck to everyone. Thank you for this giveaway and the chance to win great prizes.
  • Essential stuff for great workouts!  Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I have 3 relays this summer and I need to try Shower Pil
  • I want a Polar!!
  • This had got to be a runners dream giveaway!! Some I have heard of, some I haven't and a couple I own. Love this!! Good luck to everyone! I enjoyed reading your weight loss metamorphosis. Way to go! Sent from Fitfanny
  • Forgot to add I have been dying to try the Fitfanny pack for sure! I have my first half coming up in October and would love something for my long practice runs. Smile
  • Deb
    Great giveaways.  Thanks!
  • This is amazing! Would love the chance to win! FitFannyPack sent me!
  • Probably most excited about the Allied Medal Display or the ProCompression socks!
  • Would love some of the Pro Compression socks! Really want to try these. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  • I am most excited about the polar item and the bondi bands - ive never used either but would LOVE to!!
  • So many awesome products but I'm most excited about the compression socks and Road ID!!!  Smile
  • do you pick from all of those amazing products! The bandi bond and fitfanny are the two products that drew me here.
  • I am curious about the low carb chocolate and energy bits, but it all sounds awesome!!
  • I'm so happy I found you through FitFannyPack!! I can't wait to keep purusing your blog! Smile Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I'm most excited about the proCompression socks! Smile
  • Oh goodness!  There's so many good prizes!  I think I'm most excited about either the Feetures (since I tend to get blisters) or the Polar prize!

    (Side note: I liked all the facebook pages from my running page, Once Upon a Run, not from my personal page which you have to use to log into rafflecopter)
  • I am most excited about the polar!!!
  • The Polar pack sounds like it will be awesome!
  • Fingers Crossed! Would love to have these items!
  • They are all amazing anything I would take!
  • I'm excited about the Allied Medal Display!
  • Some great stuff to help you get healthy! Good Luck Everyone! Smile
  • Most excites about the Polar Heart rate monitor watch!  Never had one and would LOVE to have one!!
  • I love the polar pack and the jerkey! I am ADDICTED to jerkey and I haven't been able to afford a polar watch like I have wanted.
  • amy
    Awesome giveaway...I love the monitor
  • I'm most excited about the polar heart rate monitor. I borrowed the hubs but would much prefer one that isn't as bulky!
  • This is an awesome group of products!
  • I would love to win the polar watch. Been trying to save for one so I can use while running, strength training and circuit training. OR the medal hanger to hang my 8 medals I have so far. Currently they are displayed on a lamp in the lounge lol
  • Super exciting. I have wanted a polar watch forever now!  I love all these brands too.
  • Super exciting. I have wanted a polar watch forever now!!
  • thank  you  for  the awesome  giveaway.. so  much  good  stuff Smile
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4!
  • Awesome contest!  I would love to win this!
  • OMGosh! The Polar HRM! WOOHOOOO!
  • Omg I was going to buy the polar. This is awesome!
  • All the products sound amazing and I love trying new things!!
  • This is an amazing giveaway! So many fun things!
  • the jerky snack! yummm~!
  • Well of course the Fitfannypack is my favorite, but those compression sock have my attention as well!
  • Polar and the it fanny pack but very thing looks awesome!
    Jordan Dec (Jordana)
  • Love the polar product!
  • Fantastic giveaway package!
  • Wow! What a collection!
  • What a great variety! I love to try new products especially when they come with a recommendation!
  • Jen
    Great giveaway, love the compression socks Smile
  • Oh man, what an awesome giveaway. I really want to try the energy bits and I really really want a the fitfanny.
    You rock!
  • Would love this prize pack! I've seriously been wanting a Road ID for some time!
  • All then prizes look amazing, really excited about the one from Polar though!
  • Wow what a great giveaway. Thanks for the description of why you love these products.
  • PRO Compression socks for sure! I've been dying to try them!
  • Great give a way...praying for the polar..don't have a heart monitor
    Thanks so much for giving us all a chance to receive some great prizes
  • The socks and the roadID!
  • I'd be most excited about the compression socks - they look awesome!
  • Pat
    I would love so much to win this and share the prize with my daughter.  We have been working to lose weight together and I am just so proud of her and know that we can do anything we set our minds to.  I hope I can win this and share with her.
  • There is so much to choose from! Smile I'd love a Polar FT40 and all the gear! I'd love to win that or anything would be amazing!♥
  • The medal display and the polar watch would be awesome!
  • Omg almost all these are on my WANT list when funds are available; to win all of them at once would be amazing
  • forgot  to  mention I  so  want  the  polar  watch  Smile
  • I've been dying to try the Polar HR monitor!!!

  • Oooooh I've got my fingers crossed for the Polar but I'd also love more compression socks!!
  • I am most excited about the Polar.  I really want to try HR training
  • That is A LOT of awesome stuff! I and dying for a Polar watch!
  • I have a Pro Compression sock addiction!!!  This is an awesome giveaway package!
  • I love the medal display!  I just won my first medal a week ago for a half marathon and hope to win many more.   I have never tried compression socks, but have neuropathy and have always wondered if this will help.
  • I'm most excited about the medal display!!! Love all the prizes though!
  • I would love all of it but I really want to win the Polar prize and the Road ID
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