Push Away the Screen-Obstacle Course Fun!!

Pushing Away the Screen is also something that I have to work on with my husband. He's a computer guru; literally. He hold a certification that only a handful of people have in the United States. He works hard, and his back suffers from the long hours he spends on his bum. He rides his bike about 50 miles per week, but I do enjoy the time that we can spend together as a COUPLE getting out and being active.

My husband (I guess this is turning into a BRAG post) is also wicked smart! Like seriously smart. Scary smart. And strong.

When I was contacted by Xtreme Obstacle Challenge to participate in their NEW race I said yes, but then after looking over the obstacles (which aren't mud related, which is sort of thing Wink) I freaked out a bit. From their website:

"Test your strength, agility and quick-thinking with a colossal show of extreme obstacles spread over a three mile course. The high-energy start catapults every participant into the specially designed obstacle course, making for loads of Xtreme fun. The dynamic and elevated finish line celebrates your quest to the finish.

The experience is designed to be not only fun, but a true test of your determination and strategy."

WHAT?? Strategy? You mean I just can't hurl my body through some mud?  I knew then that in order to be successful at this race I was going to need the smartest, strongest person I know: MY HUSBAND!! I asked if he could come along and race with me, they said YES, so guess what...WE'RE DOING IT!! And I'm pretty sure we are bringing the kids. Kids under 14 can't race, but the course is spectator friendly (and FREE for spectators!!) and for most of the race the trio will be able to see us, and there is NOTHING BETTER than having the kids cheer you on while you are making a complete fool of yourself flexing your muscles.

Would you like to join us?? I have ONE FREE ENTRY to give to one lucky reader!! You do have to pay a $12 insurance waiver fee thingy, but still a bargain compared to the overall cost of the race.

If you'd like to go, simply comment on this blog post with what obstacle looks to be the most FUN FOR YOU!! For me...I am looking forward to MAZED & CONFUSED!!

I also have a discount code to share with you all! If you register by MAY 30th, use the code XTR10KW to save $10 off your registration.  The race takes place on June 29th, and it's on the grounds of Fantasy of Flight just east of Lakeland.

I have to pick a winner SOON because the free code for you also expires on May 30th! I'll pick the winner on May 28th, so that gives you two days to make sure you can go, etc...

Hope to see you there!!

I'll have a full review and pictures up after the race!!

Have you ever done an OBSTACLE race that DIDN'T involve mud???

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  • I'd love to try this no mud obstacle challenge!  The CUBIC CONUNDRUM looks fun.
  • I totally want to do this!!!! OMG! I would love the car wash I think... but the maze sounds a little scary too!
  • oh dang, I won't be in town, never mind! Smile
  • The car wash was in very close running for first, Mindy!!!
  • Jungle Mesh!!! Cargo nets in a maze. Yes please. lol
  • If they do the zip line into the foam pit... I'm in!
  • This seriously looks like all of the game shows on Nickelodeon I grew up wishing I could be on! The Dizzy Lizzy looks like a blast!
  • I want to go! !!! Dizzy Lizzy looks kind of crazy!
  • I'm most looking forward to the Matrix because hanging suspended in the air sounds kind of awesome. Oh, and because I want to shout "There is no spoon!" when I reach the end of it.  
  • Did you choose who gets the free race code? I'm on the edge of my seat waiting. :p
  • I haven't yet!! I will today! I was swamped earlier this week!
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