CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 11

Throughout the month of May I've been steadily increasing my time at CrossFit En Fuego. I'm not staying and lifting more, I'm staying and doing additional cross training. With triathlon season in full swing, I never know when the opportunity to participate will be thrown in my lap, and I want to be ready with my strongest of the sports: cycle and swim. I should be training for the run, and I will, but right now I don't want to! Yell  I've been rowing a minimum of 2,000 meters every day, most days I aim for 5,000 meters (which is 3.1 miles) and a few days I've also thrown in a 12-14 miles on the spin bike after the row. Just like a real triathlon Tongue Out

But what's really impressed me the most these past few weeks is not anything that I've done. It's what I've seen other people do. I've seen women, men, and teenagers all working their hardest, doing their best trying to reach their full potential.

And I've been able to watch our youngest CrossFitters, our CrossFit preschool kids in action, and it's inspiring! 

They get a WOD just like all of us do. Sure, they might get pictures, and be told super cool things like "your elbows are lasers, raise them up" as part of their instruction for a front squat (which BTW, totally helped ME get a better visual after I overheard Coach Jen telling the wee ones that tip! Wink) but these kids WORK! And have fun while they are doing it!

And there is nothing better than watching a 4 year old boy do some front squats, haul butt through the box, drop down and do burpees, spring up, run to the rig and do monkey hangs, and repeat repeat repeat. I sat there rowing with a perma-grin on my face. Watching them makes me so happy.

Here they are learning about laser arms!!


And monkey hangs! I kid you not...I watched this little guy do multiple rounds of toes to bar as well. Call me impressed. And jealous. Tongue Out

And let's not forget one of my favorites! Planks! Though they got to play super cool Plank WARS!! They went up on one hand and with the other hand they had to pull their partner in. Awesome.

Keep in mind...these are LITTLE dudes!! Anywhere from 2-4 years old! 

My kids participate in CrossFit Kids which is for kids a little bit older, and they will be offering BOTH CrossFit Preschool and CrossFit Kids throughout the summer, so contact them if you are interested!! In addition, there will be 3 weeks throughout the summer where there will be afternoon CrossFit Kids Summer Camp!

What sort of activities are your kids doing over the summer?? Do any of you have CrossFit kids???

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  • Jen
    This is awesome! I agree with the above statement...I really need to try crossfit. I'm at such a standstill with my fitness. It's driving me nuts.
  • Kat
    IF ONLY I had the energy OF a kid! ;)
  • I need to start going to CrossFit so badly! Any recommendations for CrossFit down in St. Pete?
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