Dealing with Disappointment-Come to Jesus Friday Vlog

The kids and I are super bummed out right now over this debacle with our subdivision pool. How do you deal with disappointment when it is something that is totally out of your control? Fast forward to the end around 6:33 and see the HUGE tomatoes I am growing!!

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  • Jenny, I am so happy for you!  I lost over 90 lbs. with WW and exercise, and have kept it off for almost two years now.  I feel amazingly well and happy.  My only regret is that I never did it when my children were little - how wonderful for you and for your family!  I think it is so hard for Mamas of little ones to feel they are worth this kind of attention to and effort for themselves, and you are a wonderful example of why it is important to give yourself the time and care you need.


  • Thanks for sharing. I guess the thing with disappointment is to accept that you can't change what is happening to you but you can come up with another way to be happy.
    Maybe shift gears and do other activities like crafts or backyard camping- supplementing with water options as available like going to the beach a couple days a week? Your kids will probably take their cues from you about whether it is a tragedy or an adventure. Hope you have a happy summer!
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