Kicking Her Way Back!!

I am so proud of my friend Gracie Updyke as she is kicking her way back to the fitness world!! Why do I say kicking? Gracie has had her product backed by KICKSTARTER!!

It's women like Gracie that Kickstarter’s funding platform was created in the first place. She has a proven track record and a clear cut business plan.  Backing her company is as simple as pledging the cost of a Gracie’s Gear sports bra or long tank (or both) which you will actually receive if the goal is met. If the goal is not met, money is not collected. It is that simple!

All women should find their "go" and if your "go" means that you need to carry anything on your person (like a phone, chapstick, ipod, etc..) then you need a product like Gracie's Gear!! Click on the Gracie’s Kickstarter project page to find out more.

Here I am in 2011 in my favorite Gracie's Gear long tank Smile

Gracie is SO CLOSE to reaching her $50,000 goal. Less than $12,000 away and ONE WEEK left to go!!

Check out the Kickstarter project HERE

Head over to the Gracie’s Gear website

Find Gracie’s Gear on Facebook HERE

Please support my friend, and get yourself a great product in the process!! Thank you!! Smile

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