Music Monday: We Don't Need No Education??

Typing a double negative just made the hair rise up on my arm. Undecided

When I was in school, this would be "the song" that we would sing on the last day of school. But for today's music Monday theme (remakes) I'm including a techno version!

The last day of school for MY gang is Tuesday, and they will continue to get an education throughout the summer. We will have reading and math time every day during break. The kids can't back slide during the summer months, and if I don't stay on top of them, they certainly will. Haley needs to work on improving her math skills and it's my goal to teach her all her multiplication facts before she starts 4th grade. Ella will work on those same math facts so that as she enters 3rd grade she'll be ahead and all three will continue to read read read.

We're taking advantage of the Pasco County Summer Reading Program: Dig Into Reading and will spend many hours in our local branch.

All three will also be participating in ONE week of summer camp of their choosing. Haley and Ella both chose an acting themed summer camp, and Ronin chose a sports camp. I will be keeping them busy busy busy!!

 What are your plans for the summer? What are your kids doing? Any camps??

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  • Hey Girlfriend:  Love Pink Floyd, but today's theme was remakes of original songs.  If you want to know the theme stop by, and it's always in my side-bar.  Thanks.  Every other week is a Freebie meaning you can Post whatever you like.  THANKS!  Now somehow your link got messed up, but I just fixed it, so I'm afraid you may not have as many comments today as you should have.  I see our morning girls are mostly off and running already!  As I should be, but it's a lazy Monday for me. Smile  Have a great week, and GIRL YOU ROCK!
  • Easy enough to fix ;) I just changed it to a remake Smile XOXO
  • Fab song and brings back some good memories

    Have a fantastical week
  • What a great choice!!!!
    This is one of my favorites. I love to run to this one. It's got a great beat.

    Kids are almost out for summer and yes we have all sorts of camps lined  up. I'm ready for the school year to be over. We all need a break. Have a great week.
  • I agree with you on the kids and being on top of them continuing to learn during the summer!
    Thanks for rocking with us!
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