Music Monday: Carolina In My Mind

As our family prepares to take our summer vacation there is only one song I can think of: Carolina in my Mind by James Taylor.

We're heading to the mountains of Hendersonville and Asheville, North Carolina. We'll be staying with my aunt for a few days where we will explore Sliding Rock, go gem mining, and hike.  Then we were invited to a VIP treatment at the Biltmore Inn. We are super excited! Over 22 miles of trails on the Biltmore property! They will provide us with bikes to explore the property as well as access to all the gardens, a Winerty tour and wine tasting!! They also have horseback riding and kayaking! It's a perfect vacation for an active family like ours! We'll have lots of opportunities to PUSH AWAY THE SCREEN!! We'll also be making a pit-stop to meet up with my peeps at Feetures!

After we leave the mountains we are driving south to South Carolina for 2 days. My husband lived in SC for 12 years and has some family there, so we are arranging a meet-up at a state park. I am really looking forward to this vacation! I'm even looking forward to the DRIVE! I love to drive, so I've agreed to drive the ENTIRE trip, as long as it's light outside, I'll be behind the wheel. I don't drive well in the dark.


Have you ever been to Asheville? Ever stayed at the Biltmore Inn?? Any activities we MUST do??
Do you like road trips??

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  • Love road trips, and more than a little envious that you got to stay at the Biltmore!
  • Nope, never been there, but I expect you'll take a lot of pictures (I hope), and show them off when you get back.   I cannot wait to see them.  What an appropriate song you have chosen, and we are great big fans of James Taylor in our house.  Thanks for sharing, and you have a great time on your vacation, have fun and be safe!!!  
  • I don't drive well at night either.
    Hope you have a wonderful trip adventure with the family!

    Thanks for sharing your music with us!
  • I LOVE music mondays! Thank you for sharing!
  • I also dont drive well in the dark :/ it scares me lol and I have never been there before but hubby is from NC
  • I have always wanted to go there and stay at the Biltmore but never had.  I have heard great things about it though.  Have a great vacation!

  • I was going to suggest Biltmore as far as walking...thought the kids may find the house ok, but boring....we always go is especially beautiful in the fall and decked out for X-mas.... of ALL the places in the South, that corner of North Carolina and Tennessee is just about the will hike in utter gorgeousness.... Asheville has become a cool, artsy town over the years... A great choice !!!!
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