Flavor Run 5K- Giveaway

Okay, this race had me at Color. Then it had me at getting to TASTE the Color. But what really got me was the BLING!! The Flavor Run is going to be the only third 5K I've ever done (Gasparilla and Iron Girl were the others, oh wait and Warrior Dash, so technically 4) that offers all finishers a MEDAL! And it's the FIRST color bomb run I've done where a finishers medal has been awarded! Sweet. No pun intended. Or maybe so.

What is the Flavor Run?

The Flavor Run is a 5K family running or walking event that takes place at the Florida State Fairgrounds on August 17, 2013.

This run supports local businesses and farmers by creating a fun run that engages ALL of your senses!  Their website states that "During this epic 5k, there will be five separate Flavor Stations that will cover you in a delicious flavored (FDA Approved/All Natural) celebration powder and followed by a refreshing taste of locally produced fruits."

You can choose to sign up for the 5K or you can be a "Flavor Fairy!" You can also do the Flavor Family Mile Walk/Run.  Click HERE to register for this event.

I'm going to be doing this event with ONE of my children. Haven't decided which one yet. Maybe Ronin. It's rare that the two of us do an event alone, usually it's one of the girls that comes with me and since both girls are doing the Women's Running Series 5K with me in November, it seems fitting that it be Ronin.

The race entry fee goes up on Monday morning, so if you are on the fence about doing it, you should consider signing up now to avoid the fee increase.

I also have ONE race entry to give to one lucky reader :) This will be a QUICK giveaway with Ella picking the winner on FRIDAY!! And you have to register by Sunday night!!

What do you have to do to win?? 

  • Leave me a comment telling me if you've ever earned a medal for a 5K AND which flavor you'd most like to be pelted with.

That's it! See you out there when we can not only run through a rainbow, but we can taste it, too!!

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  • My goal is a to run a 5K soon so I have never earned a medal - training NOW.
    It is a toss up between GREEN = watermelon or PURPLE = grape.  This sounds really run.  I had not heard about it so thanks for spreading the word.  I will look for you and Ronin there and introduce myself.  
  • I have one medal for a virtual 5k, can not wait to earn more!  I would love any of the flavors but Green - Watermelon would be a favorite.  Thank you for the giveaway.
  • I ran my first 5k last year and now training for full! Smile But I never got a medal from running the 5k race. Frown I know, they should give out medals too for 5k races. It's a big accomplishment and deserves a medal! Smile
    I would love to be pelted with watermelon flavor. MY forever favorite fruit! Smile

  • I have ran a few 5K's but none of them had a medal. I was already interested in this race but now that a medal is involved, I now have to run it! Two of my friends are already signed up to be Flavor Fairies Smile I am running a Disney 10k in 2014 and thought that was going to be my first official medal but would love this one to start my collection!  Strawberry sounds good to me!
  • I've run in a few 5Ks (only 1 that didn't give a medal) but never a color run. My birthday is Aug 19th so this would be an awesome way to ring in 31!!!! I wouldn't mind any of the colors/flavored!
  • Carmen, you are the WINNER!! I sent you an email!
  • Thank you Jenny!  Yeah!   Looking forward to this fun fruity day.
  • Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!
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