Push Away the Screen: Firebreathers in Training

We are an active family. Our kids participate with us on our cycle rides, they often come with me on local 5K runs, and they LOVE to swim, and when we hiked through the North Carolina mountains, they were encouraging to each other and to us. It is nice to see that all our hard work to Push Away the Screen is working!

They're also CrossFit Kids. My box CrossFit En Fuego offers CrossFit Kids classes on MWF mornings at 9am (this is the under 7 group) and at 9:30 (for kids 7 and older.) During the school year the time changes to 5pm and 5:30pm.

Recently my trio were sent a care package by the amazing people over at Firebreathers in Training. Each kid was sent a super cute t-shirt, a sticker, a bracelet and this personalized letter addressed to all 3. The kids loved it and I loved the message that Carrie was trying to instill in the kids! So encouraging!

 Ronin LOVES his T-Rex HATES Wallballs shirt. He wears it often! It's so soft, I wish I had one!

 Here he is showing me how strong he is getting!!

Ella is a natural athlete. She's strong, she doesn't give up, and with those long legs, she loves to jump. Her shirt "What's Your Max Box Jump?" is so totally fitting for her!

She even likes to practice her CrossFit Kids skills at the park!

They also sent Haley a very nice tank-top, but she's going through a funny phase right now where she didn't want to be photographed working out, so I don't have any pictures of her. But her shirt is just as nice as Ella and Ronin's. Did I mention how soft they are??

Firebreathers in Training wants to help you Push Away the Screen by offering one lucky reader of this blog a gift pack for your CrossFit Kid! Your child can pick out a shirt of their choice, and will also be sent a bracelet and vinyl sticker!

It's easy to enter through Rafflecopter!!

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  • My kids love to work out by going hiking, bicycling, swimming! My oldest loves jump roping, chin ups and, he loves box jumps too!! Smile
  • What a wonderful company! Everything is too cute.
  • We love being active as a family as well! Love Crossfit Kids and the values it instills in young children. It is great you all are working together for a great purpose of raising a healthier nation of children.
  • My son is 4 years old and loves running! He's done 14 races now (1 mile and less). He's been taking part in races since he was 3 mths old in the stroller.
  • My son's favorite way to exercise is to play baseball.
  • They love to ride bikes outside.
  • Mine and my youngest run to the park (he is in a stroller), once there we workout on the play equipment.  We do pushups and lunges on the stairs.  We both love this type of working out but he is the toughest coach I have ever had!
  • Lots of family runs, walks at the beach, bike rides, etc!
  • My daughter loves to work out by riding her bike, exercise dvds, and using her WI fit.
  • My girls love swimming,jumping & playing games in the trampoline, bike riding, rip sticking, and playing at the beach & park for exercise!!!
  • My daughter loves to swim! And run! And bike! Smile
  • My kids love being active too!  We hike and run together.  And they've even asked to learn some CF stuff from me in our garage "gym". Smile
  • My sons favorite exercise when he was young was riding bike, now as a adult we go for rides together
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