Run Jenny Run

I want to be a better runner. I want to become a faster runner.

Confession time...

Confession # 1: I have not RUN more than 13.1 miles at a time since February.

Confession #2: I have not RUN more than a 5k since May. (I say RUN because I have walked more than that when we were on vacation in NC.)

Confession #3: I was using excuses why I couldn't wake up early to run.

But since talking to my runner friends I've learned a few things:

Thing #1: To become a better runner, I have to run. Tongue Out

Thing #2: To become a faster runner I have to run with people faster than me.

I sat down with myself and had a pep talk. It went something like this:

"Jenny, you lost more than 200lbs. You gave birth at home. You attended graduate school full-time while having 3 kids under the age of 3. You CAN wake your ass up early and RUN."

I made the commitment to myself that I WOULD DO IT! And that's one thing about me. Once I commit to doing something, I do it. I joined a run group to help keep me accountable and to provide me with the support and motivation to become a better, faster runner.

I set my alarm for 5am, but woke up at 4:56. I watched the news last night and it was projected to be raining and after a late night run group chat we decided if it was raining we wouldn't run.

So...I'm up, I open my patio door and I hear rain. I text the running group and say "it's raining, I'm not coming." I was bummed and left like I had failed myself. My dog came up to me put his head in my lap and just looked at me. So I opened the door again, and this time walked outside and you know what? IT WASN'T RAINING!! What I was hearing was the sound of water running off my roof on to my outside patio. I immediately texted the group and said I AM ON MY WAY!! I quickly changed, and was out the door.

And I made it. And I did it!

PROOF!! This is me with Denise from RunDMT. She did sprint work, so we only ran a cool down 1/4 mile together. I ran with another friend and we just ran. Ran and talked. It was nice. It was the first time E.V.E.R. that I ran WITH someone. I liked it.

Yes, my Bondi Band says "Will Run for Beer."  In the early AM it should say "Will Run for Coffee."

Thoughts: I liked getting out early and running. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it started raining while we were running. Yes, I got bugs in my mouth. But I had fun and for me, exercise needs to be FUN!

We ran 2.28 miles total. Not a huge amount of mileage, but it's a start and we averaged between an 11-12 minute mile.

I will get faster. I will get better. #IWILL

Came home and had a lovely breakfast of sweet potato hash, hard boiled egg, avocado and banana peppers. It was good, and it was filling. And then I had a date with my foam roller.


Talk to me about your running. How did you become better, faster? How long did it take before you saw improvements?

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  • Awesome Jenny! You got this. Smile I often say the first step out the door is always the hardest.
  • Tif
    Running is my current cardio of choice. I love that it's "anytime, anywhere"! I definitely run in the morning. We aren't *usually* as hot here as you are, but right now we are and my morning runs have been so much better than my afternoon ones.

    I just recently (Saturday) discovered...I'm fast now!? When did that happen? 3 runs of consistent 7:30-7:56 miles and I'm finally ready to believe my GPS isn't wigging out. I don't know what happened or how it happened. I've had 10:00 as my goal for my 10K next weekend and was struggling to make that. Then I had horrid run on Thursday and suddenly Saturday life was amazing in the running world! I think it was pushing my distance farther. I found my distance groove (7-8 miles) which I think improved my speed groove.

    I've never run with anyone. Ever. I was approached by a lady on Sunday and asked if i would start running with her at least one morning a week because her motivation was lagging. I said yes...but I'm so nervous about it! Kind of like going to my first group fitness class...the unknown stresses me out!
  • I'm getting faster, but I am still slow!  The first time I ran 5K (in April after completing the C25K app) it took me 65 minutes.  I've gotten it down to 55 minutes.  Last Saturday, I did my final full practice run from my first 5K (next Saturday) and I did it in 50:01.  I averaged 16:09.  (My average speed was 3.77 MPH).  

    Considering that in January I weighed over 300 pounds and had never run more than a mile (30 years ago in high school!)----I'm pretty proud of my speed!
  • Great job! You are totally thinking like me these days. I need to run! I haven't run more than 3 miles since the iron girl... ok... here we go!
  • look at you go! Awesome Smile It is HARD to wake up and get going, but once you see the results, it becomes exciting and easier. I guess it took at least 6 weeks to begin seeing my times drop. Consistency is key. If you flake out and take 2 weeks off, your pace will suffer. When I began running I was around 11min miles - in under a year I'm running consistent 8-9min miles, and sometimes faster on those freak race days.
  • I do not run. I walk fast, but I do not run. Good for your for running at all!
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