Keeping Your Skin Healthy! Giveaway!

We are a super active outdoor family. Having lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida for most of my life (I moved here in 1985) I have spent countless hours slathered in baby oil, tanning my skin at the pool, and the beach. I enjoy all the activities that help me to achieve a sun-kissed look, and now that I'm nearly 42, I have learned my lesson and I do wear a dark tanning oil sunscreen SPF15. Tongue Out  My kids inherited not only my skin tone, but also my love for all things active in the water!!


Our idea of a perfect day is chilling out on the water; beach, or pool, we're really not picky, with some ice cold beverages! Michelob Ultra for me, and some nice juice boxes for them. Don't worry, Haley didn't drink the beer in the above photo...she was just holding it so I could take our photo!

Keeping our skin healthy PRE & POST sun is super important!

Recently our family was sent a Healthy Outdoor Skin Kit from Puritans Pride. Our kit included:

         Puritan’s Pride Aloe Vera Natural Moisturizing Cream


         Puritan’s Pride Aloe Vera 85 percent Natural Moisturizing Lotion


         Tea Tree Oil Cream for Insect Bites


         Little Twig Sun Screen


         Oat Protein Complex Sunscreen


         Vitamin E Cream


         Essential Oil Blend for Relaxation after the sun


         Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil

We were just about to head out to the pool when the kit arrived, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to try out some of the products!! Ronin slathered himself in the Little Twig Sun Screen and this stuff was thick! He looked like a little vampire at the pool, but he didn't get sunburnt at all! We didn't even need to re-apply any throughout our many hours at the pool!

Later that night we applied the Tea Tree oil to a chlorine rash that Ella developed, and we also rubbed the aloe vera lotion on our sun-kissed skin. It was easy to rub in, smelled good, and didn't leave any sort of greasy residue on our skin!

Puritan's Pride wants to give 2 of my readers the opportunity to win their very own Healthy Outdoor Skin Kits! It's easy to win! Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below.

Good luck!

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  • Any beach that you can snorkel from is my fav!
  • Any beach is good with me.  Smile
  • My favorite beach is green lakes beach outside syracuse ny.
  • I would say Pass a Grille near the Don CesarSmile
  • I loved the beach at Castaway Cay and Turks and Caicos ! We live in the Midwest so going to a beach is a huge treat.  It's such a blast to snorkel and have the fish swim along with you. Smile
  • I like Buckroe Beach in Hampton, VA.
  • I have not been to a beach in years and years! LOL
  • Love outdoor time with my family!
  • I fully admit to being a sun-loving junkie!  Unfortunately in recent years I've moved inland and northward (yikes!), but I still love a day on the river or at the lake.  Smile
  • Sadly I don't go to the beach often. And I live off the coast in sunny California. I think I'll be making a trip with my boys down to the beach and make a favorite. Smile
  • We like Pine Island in Hernando County. Granted we dont go very often but it is small and my toddler doesnt care as long as she can go in water.
  • Would love the opportunity to try something "risk free" = )
  • Would love love love to try some new sunblock! I am fair skinned so rarely go without!
  • I am a sun worshipper too!
    Would love to win one of these products!
  • I love the Outer Banks.
  • I love Hilton Head even though I only spend a week there each year
  • My favorite beach is on Oahu. I can't remember the name, but it was perfect with white sand and crisp blue water! More realistically, my favorite is Clearwater Beach, FL... I live about 30 minutes away and it is just perfect. I love beach days Smile
  • Love it!  This sounds like a great kit!  I love coconut and tea tree oil
  • I *LOVE* Kiss My Face products!  That kit ROCKS!
  • My favorite beach is probably Kaanapali in Maui! My family and I usually visit Destin beaches once a year (Have since I was 7!) So it holds sentimental value and I still love it.
  • Cable Beach in Nassau. The site of my wedding!!
  • Myrtle Beach
  • My favorite beach is definitely Ocean City, New Jersey. So many family memories there are a kid!
  • Pensacola Beach is my fave beach!
  • Not a huge beach fan. The sand annoys me but I tolerate for the kids!
  • The kind of beach that isn't a beach.  AKA the pool.  I'm just not a big fan of sand...I love the water, but not the sand.  
  • My favorite beach is Virginia Beach, but I'm a little biased since I live here!!!!
  • Favorite beach is florida -
  • My husband and I LOVE Cancun, Mexico!  We're going again for our 3rd time in November!  Can't wait!!
  • Santa Cruz! it's my home Smile
  • Sadly I haven't been to enough beaches to have a favorite.
  • Sanibel is my favorite beach, but we just came back from St. Pete Beach and it's beautiful there, too Smile
  • I like Cocoa Beach.
  • Any beach is my favorite!  There's just something healing about being next to the ocean.
  • I'm about 15 minutes from Virginia Beach! Love going there and also love running on the oceanfront!
  • i've never been to a beach, and i'm almost 30.  womp, womp.  
  • I love St. Pete Beach! so much fun and right around the corner!  I would love to win!
  • Miami Beach, though it's been awhile.  
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