Music Monday: Summertime!

Every summer there seems to be ONE song that becomes my "song of summer."  My trio also seem to pick the same summer songs that I do, and we enjoy jamming out to them at home, in the car, on our bike rides. We turn it up, we sing loudly, and shake our groove thing!

This is our Song of Summer for 2013


This was our Song of Summer 2012


This was our Song of Summer for 2011

This was our Song of Summer for 2010


And kicking it back to the Song of Summer for 1996!!

I Love You Always and Forever  transports me back to a very special time in my life. I was in college and I was home for summer break and had the most amazing group of friends; Nina, Tyke, Pat and Denis. I still have Nina and Denis in my life. Pat I haven't heard from since that summer. and Tyke. Dear Sweet Tyke. He took his own life in 2000. We were the best of friends, always together when I came home from college. We never had a romantic relationship, and I miss him terribly. He was my confidant, my sounding board, my "go-to" wedding date, and so much more.

Do you have a Song of Summer?? What's your 2013 song?

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  • That's a tough one. Probably the one that talks about being up all night to get lucky. Or the good girl one. Naughty!
  • Great songs!  My boys are actually tired of Blurred Lines now and ask me to change the station when it comes on.  LOL I still like it!
  • Everyone is rockin' the house today & you are no exception!  Great choices!  Thanks for sharin & join' us today!  YOU ROCK!
  • I love "Blurred Lines." I hate Nicki Minaj. Mostly I listen to classic rock though this summer.
  • Of course you gotta turn it up and sing real loud!

    LOVE your list

    Thanks for rocking and sharing!
    Have a fun week!
  • I cannot get into Nicki M. but I do like all the others. Rock on. An anthem for Summer. Cool idea.
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